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Guides the seekers towards positivity, repels negativity & makes you a magnet that attracts abundance of health and wellness.

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Detoxifies the environment, eliminates blocked energies making the surroundings pure, positive & energetic.

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Keeps up with digitalization & assists spiritual seekers with insights of spirituality & knowledge globally.

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Your Spiritual Revolution was founded by Amitt Parikh in 2007 and has been published as a monthly eMagazine. In 2021 Your Spiritual Revolution started offering unique integral healing services and products for the wellness of mind, body and soul.

All our healers are personally selected and vetted by founder Amitt Parikh, and we work with only advanced healers having several years of professional experience, successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved.

Amitt Parikh is a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of The Truth. He has 25 years of experience in the IT industry and has been on the spiritual journey for the past 3 decades working with diverse healing modalities and belief systems of East and West under various masters.

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Your Spiritual Revolution offers insights into healing & spirituality and its in-depth information in the form of a Guide Book. Get Aura & Chakra self-healing guidebook for Free!

Heal Your Inner self and Infuse Positivity in Your Life

We, as human beings, deal with several issues in our lives. These issues or experiences can leave us vulnerable and bog us down. In such a situation, it is important to take resort to healing therapy and sources that can help in bringing positivity in you. It can help in dealing with stress and warding off negativity from life. Investing in spiritual healing can improve your quality of life. 

Apart from your mental and emotional state, it is also important to bring positive vibes and good energy to your home. Our healing centre can help in integral healing services

Here’s a look at our umbrella of comprehensive healing services:

Our integral healing services guide the seekers towards positivity and make a magnet for attracting abundance, wellness, and health.

Counselling helps in talking about, coping, and healing emotions. It brings positive life changes and helps in adjusting to life changes. It gives a new perspective so that you can deal in a better way with your emotions. It can also help in communicating better with your friends and family. It plays a crucial role in spiritual healing.

With our energy healing modalities, you can heal your physical, mental, and emotional distress. Our internal healing practices consist of aura healing, chakra healing, emotion code, body code, Lama Fera healing, pranic healing, and karuna reiki healing.
Under our astrological services, we offer consultation and suggestions for gemstones that align with the planetary system, horoscope, and astrology. The gemstones are determined after analysing the planetary system and positions of celestial bodies. It helps in effectively reducing pain, illness and eliminating symptoms as well as causes of underlying problems. It brings overall well-being and prosperity.
It is a gentle method of spiritual healing. It is an important part of our integral healing service. It is a method that addresses acute and chronic conditions in a powerful yet gentle manner, promoting balance in the body systems.

Healing Products

Our healing centre also offers powerful products such as detoxifying the environment, eliminating blocked energies, and making your surroundings energetic, pure, and positive. Our spiritual products include gemstone bracelets, crystals, pyramids, pink salt candles, Gemstone wishing trees, trees for money, trees for cleansing, crystal pendants, and more.

Spiritual Resources

You must choose our healing services as:

We have a team of experts that can assist you in warding off negativity, get rid of stress and anxiety, and bring positive vibes to your life with various healing therapy and products.

Our affordable services and products are value for money.

We are a commitment-driven team that delivers what we promise.

Customer satisfaction matters the most to us, and we strive to deliver the best products and services.

We help spiritual seekers with our valuable insight and knowledge globally with the help of our magazines and blogs.

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