Unlock your trapped emotions to alleviate your physical & emotional discomfort with Emotion Code & Body Code. Heal the imbalances with renowned healers & practitioners across the globe through distance healing & get a detailed report post-healing.

To channel the right energy for a well-balanced toxin-free life, heal with Emotion code & Body Code now!

Emotion Code
Emotion Code

What is Emotion Code?

It is a powerful healing method that involves identifying and releasing negative emotions trapped in the human subconscious mind from various past life experiences. But, unfortunately, these trapped emotions often cause pain, self- sabotage, emotional problems, and all kinds of malfunction and disease that may result in acute physical pain, rage & anger, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.

Emotion Code is a gentle, non-invasive healing approach where the energy of trapped emotions is distinguished and not merely the circumstance provoking it. This technique successfully eliminates the emotional baggage by clearing all the negative emotions stored from earlier life that impacts the behavioural pattern in an unhealthy way.

Healing the wounds through emotion code healing opens the door for many significant opportunities and makes a person internally strong and composed.

What is Body Code?

Body Code healing is a form of natural healing therapy. It involves integral healing through energy transformation and eliminating toxins that potentially create blockages and keep a spirit from evolving physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

It removes experiences of past life events that impact health aspects negatively. In addition, it successfully removes toxic agents like free radicals, chemicals, EMF radiation, etc., that probably throw off the body’s balance and block the path towards holistic health & abundance. As a result, people suffering from chronic muscular pains, prolonged sickness, physical pains like joint pains, headaches, backaches, or sometimes pain caused by past life events can quickly feel relief through body code healing.

In addition, body code healing prominently takes care of nutrition, improves lifestyle, and works towards the alignment of muscles, glands, and organs to remove physical uncertainties.

Body Code

Benefits of Emotion Code and Body Code

Infographic Emotion Code

Body & emotion code has proven effective in reducing chronic pain like neck pain, back pain, knee pain, etc.

Research shows that emotion code releases stress and anxiousness

People suffering from addiction or lousy habit problems can get help through these services

Body code helps to remove toxins present in the body

Ensures the free flow of energy and balancing the chakras

Improves the overall life and wellbeing of the individual

How will Healing take place?

Identify Energy Blockages

Our healers & practitioners will first identify your imbalances and energy blockages that impact various aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Remove Blockages

Healers will then release all the trapped emotions from your energetic field and work on the imbalances present.

Get a Detailed Report

After successful completion of your Healing, You will get a detailed report of your new and re-energised self post-healing.

Pave your way towards a healthy life
by clearing your negative energy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Phenomena of Quantum Entanglement can explain distance Healing as an alternative healing therapy to overcome physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. Quantum entanglement discovered by Schrödinger is one of the most significant discoveries of modern science. It states that we all are particles in the universe, entangled together with strong force. Thus, even if we are separated by distance, we are connected and affect each other’s actions. Albert Einstein quoted this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.”

This interconnection is referred to as ‘Oneness,’ the state of being one. The healers & practitioners, with their expertise, access this unified field of energy & activate the connection. They can alter your energy body with positive vibrations to attract abundance, overcome illness, and improve immunity. The various modalities can help in Integral Healing even at a remote distance.

Trapped emotions are low-frequency energy suppressed in your body and become a part of your daily life. These energies can also be present in your electromagnetic field, affecting your physical body directly or indirectly.

Body code deals with chronic pain and other physical problems, while Emotion code helps release the trapped emotions present in an individual. And while body code takes more time as it considers all aspects of physical suffering, emotion code deals with one aspect at a time and is less time-consuming.

Our heart stores our emotions and our souls. So, to protect our hearts from the hurting, we build a wall around them. But these walls stop us from living to the fullest. So, it is essential to break those walls stone by stone, step by step.

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You can cancel and ask for a full refund within two days of placing your order.

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Emotion Code

Channel The Right Energy To Heal Your Imbalances Through Emotion & Body Code Healing