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Empty Your Mind!

Emptiness holds everything. Even after holding everything within it, emptiness is still infinitely empty!

The more you explore your true Self, emptier you become. Till the point comes, where you no longer find your ‘self’ – you become the emptiness!

All creations happen within this grand emptiness. All creations at all levels of existence stem from this emptiness, rise higher and higher and dissolve/transform/disappear into this emptiness. While all phenomena rise and fall – the emptiness witnesses it fully. The emptiness is not disturbed at all – not when a great creation happens nor when a great creation collapse. For there is nothing out there – all play is happening in this infinite canvass of emptiness!

Empty your mind of all concepts about phenomena. Just embrace this emptiness & then voila all will be revealed to you!

Enjoy the moment! Enjoy the next moment when it arrives. Enjoy the phenomena. But know well that this too shall pass! Nothing can remain permanent except the permanence of emptiness!

Rejoice in this knowing – be empty within!

~ The Mysterious One



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