YSR Wellness & Healing Expo 2021 - Free Virtual Immersive Expo

A revolutionary retreat for mind, body & soul

YSR Wellness & Healing
Expo 2021 - Free Virtual
Immersive Expo

A revolutionary retreat for mind, body & soul
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YSR Virtual 360° Expo

Your Spiritual Revolution is leading the way to create an interactive space for all healing & wellness enthusiasts. The next-generation expo strives to bring a worldwide audience together for a greater purpose. Our mission is to create a global revolutionary retreat and help people towards their journey of integral healing. As beneficiaries, you can showcase your artwork to a worldwide audience with just one click.

Why Go Virtual?

Booth features

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What will you get as an Exhibitor?

Worldwide Reach

The COVID-19 Pandemic has transformed Digital Space and fast-paced everything to virtual. When a personal visit to exhibitions is restricted, this expo will allow you to reach a wider audience worldwide and promote your business globally.

3D display of products & services

The 3D virtual stall will display all the products and services with a captivating view for the visitors. It is a 360-degree stand that assists the viewers in going through the company’s details thoroughly for a better experience.

Boost of Sales

The expo will help you connect with potential customers, thereby increasing your sales. The visitors are a set of the target audience, specially curated through qualified leads.

24/7 Live interaction with visitors

The Virtual Expo will give a unique opportunity to interact with people around the globe. You can do video streaming, live chat, and webinars using booth features.

360° Virtual Booth

The 360° Virtual Booth features an exhibition and auditorium with multiple features like personalized branding, social media portal, stalls, webinars, speech, and many more. You can customize the booth using these unique features as per your need.

Detailed Analytics

The exhibition booth will provide you with an individual dashboard with a stall analytics panel. It features detailed analytics of visitors, their names & email id, demography, and the total amount of time they spend on your stall. It will help you to optimize your services accordingly.


What can you expect from Us?

Your Spiritual Revolution strives for excellence & with our highly efficient team, we will support you by all means.

As a Virtual Expo Partner, we will give your brand exposure with our add-on features & in-house branding. It will enable you to market yourself through multiple channels, get high engagement and generate qualified leads.

We can guide you to take your brand’s reach to a higher level with digital marketing and advertising services from our own company – MediaBuzzLab.
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Bridge the gap between virtual & reality!

“Join us to experience the world of healing with unique opportunities
to present and interact worldwide.”
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