Integral Health & Wellness Healing

Heal your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual distress with a holistic approach through Integral Health & wellness healing.

What is Health and Wellness healing?

A human body is an extraordinarily complex structure, functioning on many systems running simultaneously as one unit. Since the working of this system is dependent on the functionality of others, dysfunction in any part causes distress and impacts the working of other parts. Imbalanced feelings and emotions add an invisible subtle structure of aura, imbalanced chakra, and our body becomes an overly complex machine built by nature.

And to ensure the health & wellness of such a complex structure, many therapies and modalities have emerged as solutions to tackle specific issues from a unique perspective. Looking at the human body from this integral perspective, we at Your Spiritual Revolution offer a unique Health and Wellness Integral Healing Package that includes several healing


modalities for physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness. All our healers are personally selected and tested by founder Amitt Parikh. We work with only advanced healers with several years of professional experience, successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved.

Health & Wellness healing is a form of alternative medicine that promotes overall good health. It is associated with the well-being of all aspects of health, like physical health, mental health, emotional health & spiritual health. It helps us address and rectify the issues that we neglect in general. Health & wellness healing removes blockages from the path of good health and prosperity. Health and wellness-related issues can be addressed and taken care of in any way. Yet, removal of problems & blockages through healing is the most profound and effective way. There are many ways of removing blockages from health and wellness through healing like Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Chakra Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code Healing, Theta Healing, Aura Healing.

We are here to provide you with the best Integral Healing Modalities. 


What our customers are saying!

Hemal Mehta
Mumbai, Maharashtra
“Covid hit me on new year’s day. I was ok and home quarantined until after a week when my condition started to worsen. I got hospitalized and though the doctors, nurses, and medicines were doing …
Mahesh Rathod
Mumbai, Maharashtra
“We all have seen wonders of medical science at every stage of our life, but I am very fortunate to experience the effectiveness of integral healing as well. Covid situation is no different …

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