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Negative thinking is one of the most common problems which exists in humans today. Overcoming negative thinking is one of the major issues which are faced by individuals. No matter how optimistic you are, there’s one corner which keeps bringing you wrong thoughts. Negativity is everywhere; you can feel negative vibes even from an environment.

Below are 5 major techniques that can help you grow and overcome negative thoughts.


When you feel that your mind is getting occupied with negative thoughts or images, try saying stop to these thoughts. If you are somewhere all alone, you can go for a louder stop. Even though one says it in mind it is going to be very much effective. There are some people who practice backward count from 100 to 1.

2. Positive Affirmations

Try saying positive affirmations as soon as you have a negative thought. Let us consider an example, where you are trying to recover from your past relationship, and suddenly you see something and start thinking that you are not made for love, or you lack some qualities. Take a deep breath and repeat that I am a good person and I am valuable and I will find someone better.

Once you practice saying affirmations, you will notice that the way you think has changed. Try to look at yourself or look at the mirror when you say those affirmations.

3. Just Because

You can also talk to yourself and find positive reasons for all your negative thoughts. Look for a sentence which boosts up your energy level and increases your power. Practice will enhance the quality of thoughts you get. For instance, try saying “Just because I failed in this work, does not mean I am good for nothing”. This has turned out to work for the majority of the people who have been pessimistic in life.

4. Writing and Destroying

If there is a linkage of negative thoughts to any of the specific strong emotions such as fear, anger or jealousy, take a pen and write it down. Pen down, everything that you have in your mind. You can then choose any of the ways of destroying the paper and moving ahead from that negative thought. The major idea behind this way is to offer a physical representation to your negativity in a symbolic way.

5. Enforcing Boundaries

If you are someone who has lived with negative thoughts for a longer period of time, you might assume that is not worthy of practicing such things. For this what you can do is, ask yourself for some time to these thoughts, and after the devoted time if you are having thoughts, you need to forcibly stop them. With time and practice you would be successful in stopping these.

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