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There are often times, when the mind stops thinking in an optimistic way. Today, when the world is surrounded with so much negativity it becomes very much vital we have the control over our mind.

For instance, life is always full of ups and down. There can be times when you are very much successful and all of sudden you start experiencing down falls.

This is the time when your mind starts over-powering you. You start getting thoughts which lead in you a wrong way.

It happens with almost every one of us at some or the other point in life.

Below are some of the points which can help you in controlling your mind.

  • Read Bhagwad Geeta

It is truly said that this book has solutions to every problem you come across in life. Keep a pocket version of the book always with you and whenever you feel you are disturbed or do not feel good, just open any of the random pages of the book and you will feel good and optimistic after reading it.

  • Practice saying “OM” loudly

This two letter words, fills any soul with calmness and positivity. Each morning, when you wake up before starting your day, say aloud “OM” for 10 to 20 times. Trust us, you will be able to notice the change you are living in your life.

For example, there are lots of things you think of before starting your day. It’s the entire day plan out, with chaos. Once you are done with this routine of yours, you can experience the optimistic vibes in your environment.

  • Learn to ignore

Once you step out of your comfort home, you will meet numerous people with different perspective. You need to learn what you want to take in and apply in your life and what is not meant for you. At different situations, it might impact our brain in wrong way. We often get disheartened by thinking about other’s perspective or others word. We need to learn it to let it go.

  • Learn to say no to your thoughts

This is very much similar to our mother saying no for things which would harm us. Our body is a machine which is handled by our brain. So our brain needs to stay healthy in order to be get positive results.

Final Thoughts

You can drive your mind in the best possible direction by staying positive and calm. Do practice these in order to control your mind.