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Lucky Gift Winners For Oct. 2007 Issue

Your Spiritual Revolution eCourse for 1 month

Krishna Thakkar, CA, USA (id: jaigurudev_3)

Flowing with Universal Laws book

Khurram Shehzad from Pakistan (id: shehzee)

The Larger Picture by Divyaa Kummar

Ronak Bagadia from Bangalore, India (id: starlitauraa)

The Freedom of Choice Book

Kavya Reddy from Hyderabad (id: kavya) Ragini Venkatraman from Mumbai (id: ragini)

Winners have been chosen by randomly selecting user-ids from a list of YSR members.

Winners are requested to email [email protected] with complete postal address and phone number to receive the gifts at the earliest.

Your Spiritual Revolution eCourse

Are You Ready for Miracles?

Life Transformation using Common-Sense Logic with Higher Mind Thinking

Truth – Teaching – Tools – Technology – Transformation “If you can start exploring possibilities,

you will start surpassing all known boundaries.” – Amitt

What you will explore… Objectives of YSR course

  • God is Everywhere
  • Truth leads to Peace & Happiness
  • Art and Science of Balance
  • Brain is in the Mind
  • Love and Fear – Duality in Design
  • Awareness Transforms
  • Consciousness + Energy = Reality
  • Law of Attraction – Act to Attract
  • Freedom of Choice – Evolution vs Entropy
  • Law of Karma
  • Time & Space – An illusion
  • Psychic / paranormal abilities exist
  • As above so below: Microcosm vs Macrocosm
  • Change is the only constant – Evolution
  • Enlightenment – Immortality
  • Law of Abundance
  • Illusion vs Reality – Analyzing Dreams
  • Faith, devotion and patience
  • Spiritualistic Materialism
  • Your Spiritual Revolution
  • Significant improvement in your physical health
  • Significant improvement in your emotional health
  • Significant improvement in financial condition
  • Significant improvement in your intelligence
  • Significant improvement in your relationships
  • Aligning your thoughts & activities with life goal
  • Love, peace, happiness and abundance in your life
  • Development of divine ego
  • Development of dormant psychic abilities
  • Astral travel, aura viewing, time travel & healing
  • Communication with your higher self
  • Achieving thoughtless state of mind – witnessing
  • Developing compassion for all

Theory, exercises & questions will be sent by email.  Answers and progress will be evaluated and one-to-one coaching provided by email/chats for further progress.

Fees: US$29/- (INR 550/-) For One Month Venue: From comfort of your home/office!

Timing: At your convenient time!

You can pay by draft/cheque drawn in favor of ‘Spiritual Science & Research Foundation’ or by PayPal to [email protected]

YSR eCourse will be conducted by Amitt Parikh – Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMag, founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation. He is an author, poet, mystic, IT consultant, translator, and a professional trainer. For registration, email: [email protected]

Health, wealth, peace, happiness, satisfaction, truth… Aren’t these the very ‘things’ you are trying to achieve out there? This eCourse will help you get them in abundance, by guiding you to your true Self – your true master – your true guide.