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Enlighten your soul with a significantly unique and revolutionary experience combined with holistic modalities through Integral Spiritual Evolution.

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What is Integral Spiritual Evolution?

All the problems we face in our lives, whether chronic physical pain, mental illness, emotional instability, or blockages in our life’s growth and expansion, everything has its roots drawn towards wounded spirits. It is said that the ultimate door of happiness lies in the soul. If the heart is happy, it becomes easy to focus and achieve everything that the soul desires. A positive and joyful spirit blesses us with wealth, abundance, health and prosperity, happiness and joy, and ultimately, the success we look up for. On the contrary, an unhappy soul creates blockages.

It all starts with a problem that keeps your spirit away from positivity, maybe a  past life issue, unbalanced chakra, or a hostile environment. 

To toss all these problems with a holistic solution, Your Spiritual Revolution offers a unique quick fix that encourages the ultimate, Integral Spiritual Evolution for physical, mental & spiritual issues and blockages. It is an entirely holistic approach that heals the soul and liberates it from all kinds of blockages. Every type of sickness and its healing begins with the spirit. 

All our healers are personally selected and tested by founder Amitt Parikh. We work with only advanced healers with several years of professional experience, successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved.

Spiritual evolution can help you overcome all such blockages along with expanding your spiritual awareness, understanding your multi-life karmic patterns, finding and building connections with spirit guides, finding a soulmate and getting in a loving relationship, and attaining personal and professional goals. There are various healing ways to attain Spiritual Evolution like Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Emotion Code Healing, Body Code Healing,  Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing,  Theta Healing, Quantum/Radionics Healing.

Included Healing Modalities
Aura Healing
Chakra Healing
Emotion Code Healing
Body Code Healing
Reiki Healing
Pranic Healing
Spiritual Healing - Your Spiritual Revolutions
Quantum/Radionics Healing

Our Panel of Healers

Your Spiritual Revolution
Amitt Parikh

Divine Light Healer,
Karuna Reiki Healer,
Integral Mind Power

sangeeta jha image
Sangeeta Jha

Mahalakshmi Grand Master, Akashik Healer, Reiki Grand Master, Shiva Panchtatwa Master

Rishu Kamboj
Rishu Kamboj

Certified Reiki Healer, Certified Lama Fera Healer, Certified Karuna Reiki Healer

Neepa Antrolia 1
Neepa Antrolia

Karuna Reiki, Ashtalaxmi Reiki, Karmic Reiki, Angel Healing, Access Bar ® Lama Fera


What Our Customers Are Saying

Sonal Khakkar
Sonal Khakhar
Mumbai , Maharashtra
My husband Ganesh Khakhar was hospitalized with Covid. I approached YSR for healing and their healer remotely scanned using just his photograph and informed me of 50% infection in lungs which was so accurate! In a couple of days he felt better and was discharged from the hospital. Thank you YSR team.
David Armstrong
David Armstrong
Mumbai, Maharashtra
Your Spiritual Revolution has been of great help to me during a difficult phase of my life. I was diagnosed with a lesion on my kidney. My body had become very weak. Their healers were tracking down symptoms and doing corrective healing of my physical self and mental. I have felt at peace after a long time. The beautiful part was that Mr. Parikh constantly followed up and did work on my chakras. I am truly very grateful and excited about this healing modality. Thank you Your Spiritual Revolution and their team.
Testimonial Your Spiritual Revolution
Hemal Mehta
Mumbai, Maharashtra
” Covid hit me on new year’s day. I was ok and home quarantined until after a week when my condition started to worsen. I got hospitalized and though the doctors, nurses, and medicines were doing their work, I was being healed by energy healers at YSR. Within 2 days, the effect started showing, and I was discharged within a week’s time. A day after discharge, I got a severe stomach ache – later diagnosed as pancreatic infection – mostly due to steroids during my covid treatment. Yet again was hospitalized – and yet again integral healing was part of my treatment. My faith in integral healing is now stronger than before. Hence I sought healing treatment for my wife, Dipali, who has been a migraine patient for a few years. She also suffers from bronchitis due to allergies. She was healed integrally by YSR healers. Apparently, she believes in healing more than I do. In her own words – “It feels so good, so different to have a head which is not paining, not feeling heavy”. Only another migraine patient will understand this. We are having our kitchen renovated and the amount of debris, dust, and pollution can get a normal person sick. Dipali who would otherwise get the sinus, coughing, and congestion – is now doing perfectly fine. So, the effects of healing are not only immediate but long-lasting.”
mahesh rathod
Mahesh Rathod
Mumbai , Maharashtra
” We all have seen wonders of medical science at every stage of our life, but I am very fortunate to experience the effectiveness of integral healing as well. Covid situation is no different for individuals but in my case, I have seen how it went bad to worse in just few days. My brother-in law tested Covid positive in May 2021 with normal symptoms, but 2 days got wasted & his chest congestion increased & doctor advised for hospitalization. But on very next day, the congestion increased to such an extent that he had to be shifted in ICU with 10 kg of oxygen supply. Even after strong medicines & plasma transfer therapy, the situation did not improve the way it should be. Then I came across integral healing @ YSR & we started this energy healing as an additional therapy with their healers remotely. It was so effective that, it started giving good signs on patient. My brother-in-law not only started feeling better, but his diet improved too. With integral healing done by YSR healers remotely, my brother-in-law’s health became better & better day by day & now he is back to normal life. Integral healing works, indeed! It’s no more a wonder now, but it’s strong faith. Thanks a ton YSR healers!”
simraa don bosco
Simraa Don Bosco
Mumbai, Maharashtra
In July 2021, my family was struggling a lot mentally and monetary. It was all sudden, and we never even dreamt that we will ever see such day it our life. Our most beloved people betrayed us badly. We all were in a trauma. In my 23 years of life, I never saw my dad in tears and broken badly. The situation was even worst and painful in my mother’s case. She was restless, broken, sleepless for months and her health was getting worst. We were having constant appointments with doctors but everything was normal. Physically she had no problem but her stress and mental health was making us low. All of suddenly she would cry at night recollecting the issues. Physical problems could be diagnosed but we had no clue how to make her feel better. One such day, I shared all the problems and explained my situation to Amitt Sir. It was very painful and difficult for me to shout-out but he gave me hope. I just shared my mother’s DOB, Place of birth and her recent picture. He gave personal attention and did Aura and Chakra healing for my mother. I never informed about this to anyone at home for around 10 days. I felt better myself after check out on the healing report. I made my mom follow the tips and remedy given to by the healer. I could see the difference that she was trying to be normal. She started improving on her diet which was a major problem we had to face. We humans never give importance to our mental health which is very important. Positive energy and peace is a key to happy life. By God’s grace, we were trying hard to normalize the financial situation. But I wanted my mother to be as she was before. Healing made my mother’s Aura and chakra better. Thank you Your Spiritual Revolution team and special thanks Amitt Sir for suggesting healing therapy.
Priya Shetty
Priya Shetty
Mumbai, Maharashtra
My brother experienced continuous fever and pain in joints with severe headache for 3-4 days and then we decided to get him tested for Dengue as the fever was not subsiding. The reports showed that he is positive to Dengue and had typhoid as well. His platelet count was also low so the doctor advised us to get him hospitalized and we did so. Even after hospitalization he had severe fever and fluctuating platelet count. Then we came across YSR’s healing services and we decided to give it a try. The entire healing process was carried out remotely. We just had to share a current photograph of my brother with his details and symptoms about the illness. His fever started reducing the same day and within the next 1-2 days, he started showing positive signs of recovery. He felt more energized and active with no fever and reduced pain in joints. His platelet count increased steadily. Within 4-5 days, he recovered completely.The healing service at YSR not only provided healing to the illness but it also aided in achieving internal peace and mindfulness. What I liked the most about them was their thorough and continuous follow-up regarding the well being and the support & hope provided during the course of the healing. All thanks to the healers at YOUR SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION! Thank you so much sir!

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Energy Healing Services are alternative medicines specially curated to transform one’s life from within. It guides in channeling energy to attract positivity, body alignment, and removing all kinds of physical and mental blockages.

Integral Spiritual Evolution is designed to enlighten & heal your soul using holistic modalities. All the imbalance in your life, whether chronic physical pain, mental illness, emotional instability, or blockages in life’s growth and expansion, everything is connected to your spirit. Integral Spiritual evolution will overcome all such blockages and expand your spiritual awareness, understanding your multi-life karmic patterns, finding and building connections with spirit guides, finding a soulmate and getting in a loving relationship, and attaining personal and professional goals. There are various healing ways to attain Integral Spiritual Evolution like Aura Healing, Chakra Healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Reiki Healing, Pranic Healing, Theta Healing, Quantum Healing.

The services will help you remove negativity, stress and channel your energy into the right places. It will transform your overall health and reduce pain and symptoms related to chronic diseases. It will guide you to strike a balance between mind, body & soul. It also increases immunity and promotes longevity.

The services aim to address your underlying issues related to chronic and acute health issues and help you resolve them. Our healers will thoroughly check the imbalances and heal and balance them across various systems in the body, organs, mind, aura, and energy centers to bring overall improvement in your health and wellness.

Distance Healing can be explained by phenomena of Quantum Entanglement as an alternative healing therapy to overcome physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. Quantum entanglement discovered by Schrödinger is one of the most significant discoveries of modern science. It states that we all are particles in the universe, entangled together with strong force. Even if we are separated by distance, we are connected and can affect each other’s actions. Albert Einstein quoted this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.”

This interconnection is referred to as ‘Oneness,’ the state of being one. The healers & practitioners, with their expertise, access this unified field of energy & activate the connection. They can alter your energy body with positive vibrations to attract abundance, overcome illness, and improve immunity. The various modalities can help in Integral Healing even at a remote distance.

The programs are available to anyone and everyone around the world. Register to know more about the availability of services.

We accept payment by credit cards/debit cards/net banking (for Indian customers) and PayPal (for international customers).

You can cancel and ask for a full refund within one day of placing your order.

If you are not satisfied with the effectiveness of healing, send us an email within 7 days of purchase of the service, and we will refund 100% of your fees.

Along with an excellent outcome, you will receive a detailed report mentioned with all the information.

We will need your personal details like Name, Photo, Date, Place, and Time of Birth.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is share the mentioned details with us.

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If you have any other question that has not been answered in the FAQ, please email us at: [email protected]
WhatsApp: 8591706800

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