What is Numerology?

Numerology is an ancient science that explains the significance of numbers, number combinations, letters, and symbols in one’s life. It is an idea that explains that the universe is a system and when broken down we are left with only numbers. This art may help us enter into the universe’s deeper patterns and reveal new truths about ourselves. Find the concealed meaning of the world and live accordingly.

It is a guiding path for us to understand our lives better and make it simpler. Numerology is seen as a universal language of numbers and decoding their meanings. Uncover information about yourself by putting your details in the calculator below.

How to derive number in numerology?

The calculation in Numerology is simple. It is adding the numbers in your birth date and breaking down the final figure until you get a single-digit number. It can work as your personal life guide, displaying your potential as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

Not only do you understand your Destiny Number but also your Soul Urge Number, Attitude Number, Personality Number, and many more.

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Take a look below to understand the significance of each number:

1. Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is also known as the Expression Number is calculated by adding the letters in your name. The name plays a very important role in your life as it states your life’s mission, the tasks that you have to fulfill in this lifetime, the opportunities that can be utilized, and the possible threats that you might face.

The major difference between Destiny Number and Life Path Number is that the former guides you in the life ahead and the latter describes your positive and negative aspects.

2. Personality Number

Reveal your true personality and traits with the Personality Number. It is literally the side of you that you allow people to see or people perceive about you. 

Your personality number is extracted from the consonants in your full name followed by allocating the numbers to each letter using the Pythagorean chart before adding them up and breaking them down to get to a single-digit number or master number.

3. Soul Urge Number

Soul Urge Number, also known as Heart’s Desire Number signifies a reflection of your true inner self. The derived number might show if you certainly crave power or wish to have a sense of fulfillment. Alternatively, you may have a need to be valued or cared for. These qualities are often beneath the surface and enlighten us upon revelation.

Soul Urge Number is calculated by extracting the vowels in your full name, allocating numbers, and adding until a single digit or the master number has arrived.

4. Attitude Number

Attitude Number is also known as the sun and the achievement number and is a vital component of numerology. It describes the way you are around others or the way you present yourself to the world around you, especially during first encounters. 

Attitude Number is determined by adding the birthdate and the birth month and breakdown until you reach a single digit.

Note: There are 9 single-digit Life Numbers and 3 Master numbers – 11, 22 & 33.

How does Numerology help you?

The idea behind numerology is to determine your impact on the universe through your birth date, and birth name. Numerology reading involves a lot of calculations where different combinations of numbers are used to derive meanings. Consequently, it provides a lot of astounding insights about somebody. 

It helps you to make career decisions, apply for a job, buy a new house or live in a town, city. All the numbers in numerology include positive and negative features that should be recognized. Example: Leadership, Innovation, Independence, Harmony, Optimism, Healing, Self-expression, and many more. 

Reveal your true potential, talents, hidden secrets, strengths, and weaknesses, and change your life in the most positive way. These factors help you to carve your life and achieve success. 


  • Helps in making the right decision
  • Improves your relationships
  • Helps in defining your opportunities
  • Leads you to your purpose