Pranic Healing

Heal imbalances of your mind, body & soul by channelling Inner peace.
Channel the right energy to heal your mind, body & soul.

What is Pranic Healing?

In Sanskrit, Prana refers to Life-Force. Pranic Healing is a non-touch energy treatment that accelerates the body’s balance, relieves any form of mental stress, and heals the soul integrally.

Pranic Healing utilises cosmic energy to accelerate the body’s balance, harmonise and transform its health processes, and release various blockages that potentially keep a soul away from evolving.

Pranic Healing effectively restores inner peace, improves rational thinking potential resulting in a blissful life. Pranic healing overcomes the problems with significant success rates.

Pranic Healing causes no harm to people as it is a non-contact treatment.

Benefits of Pranic Healing Services

Boosts immunity and stamina

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Pranic Healing helps you increase stamina and build a strong immune system.

Releases stress and restore peace

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Assists you to tackle stress and tension; invokes peace through energy healing. 

Increases energy at all levels

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Improves your energy not only from outside but also within your body and help your body purify your soul

Improves focus and concentration

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Pranic Healing uplifts your level of concentration which lets you centre your mind and focus on everything.

Accelerates Holistic growth

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Pranic Healing increases your holistic approach towards life and helps you find inner peace.

Promotes spiritual growth

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Enhances spiritual awareness and supports your body to live a healthier life.

Boosts confidence and increases the intuitive ability

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Clears your mind, assists with confidence hence making your instincts sharper.

Relief from physical and mental imbalances

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Pranic Healing not just helps you balance your physical inabilities but also calms you down from the emotional baggage.

How will Healing take place?

Identify Energy Blockages

Our healers & practitioners will first identify your imbalances and energy blockages that impact various aspects of your health and wellbeing.

Remove Blockages

Healers will then transfer the energy in your body through distance healing and remove the blockages to instil positive energy flow

Get a Detailed Report

After successful completion of your Reiki Healing, you will get a detailed report of healing offered by our healers to heal the imbalances.


Testimonial Your Spiritual Revolution
Hemal Mehta
Mumbai, Maharashtra
“Covid hit me on new year’s day. I was ok and home quarantined until after a week when my condition started to worsen. I got hospitalized and though the doctors, nurses, and medicines were doing …
Testimonial Your Spiritual Revolution
Mahesh Rathod
Mumbai, Maharashtra
“We all have seen wonders of medical science at every stage of our life, but I am very fortunate to experience the effectiveness of integral healing as well. Covid situation is no different …

Connect with your inner-self

with the Spiritually Guided Energy of Reiki Healing.

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Distance Healing can be explained by phenomena of Quantum Entanglement as an alternative healing therapy to overcome physical, mental, and emotional imbalances. Quantum entanglement discovered by Schrödinger is one of the most significant discoveries of modern science. It states that we all are particles in the universe, entangled together with strong force. Thus, even if we are separated by distance, we are connected and affect each other’s actions. Albert Einstein quoted this phenomenon as “spooky action at a distance.”

This interconnection is referred to as ‘Oneness,’ the state of being one. The healers & practitioners, with their expertise, access this unified field of energy & activate the connection. They can alter your energy body with positive vibrations to attract abundance, overcome illness, and improve immunity. The various modalities can help in Integral Healing even at a remote distance.

Energy is the source of Pranic Healing.
The programs are available to anyone and everyone around the world. Register to know more about the availability of services.

You will receive a detailed report mentioned with all the information within 4 days.

We will need your personal details like Name, Photo and Date, Place, and Time of Birth.

We accept payment by credit cards/debit cards/net banking (for Indian customers) and PayPal (for international customers).

You can cancel and ask for a full refund within two days of placing your order.

Yes, you can. All you need to do is share the mentioned details with us.

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