Are You Ready for this Amazing Gift?


Could you have a Divine Being in your third eye? I’ve been noticing a trend that may  have a profound on your spiritual life. To explain, I’ll use a Q&A format.

  1. What is a Divine Being?
  2. Let’s draw a distinction between human beings, God, Celestial Beings and what I call Divine Beings.

Human beings (yourself included) have taken on a flesh-and-blood body for one of the great thrill rides of the universe. Incarnating here, you surrender to myths like fear, pain and separation from other beings, human and Divine. These illusions permit unique kinds of learning. However much you’ve learned so far, human beings are always free to consciously co-create with God, Celestial Beings and Divine Beings.

God is the best of all, being present in all, omniscient, the Source of love, and so forth. Names include the Holy Spirit, the Eck, the Universe, the Great Spirit, the Creator, with thousands of additional names available, limited only by your religious requirements and personal talent for naming.

Now, if you picture God as a white man with a long beard in the sky, this is not the abstract, impersonal vastness of Almighty God. Without knowing it, perhaps, you have moved in the direction of a being with form, a Divine Being. Many other names and forms are available as personal versions of God.

Each Divine Being has a personal form, a name, a specific identity. Examples include Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Moses, Mohammed, Kwan Yin, Mary, Tara, Athena, Hestia, Hecate, Isis, Brigid, Gaia, Mary Baker Eddy, Hercules, St. Francis, St. Patrick, Yogananda and Ganesh.

You’ll recognize some of these names in conjunction with your religion, others probably not. Yet all have been venerated by millions, sometimes worshipped and sometimes simply consulted. All such beings are Ascended Masters.

  1. Are Ascended Masters the only Divine Beings?
  2. No, they are one of two categories who vibrate at this super-high, etheric level. The other category consists of Archangels.
  3. Could my guardian angel be an Archangel?
  4. No, and here’s why. That wonderful being who agreed to help you throughout this lifetime is the biggest expert on you in all the universe… except for you and God. All your personal angels, like spirit guides, are Celestial Beings. Their bodies vibrate at a frequency somewhere between the slowed-down levels of human reality and the highest-possible levels that most of today’s humans can apprehend, the etheric magnificence of Divine Beings. Or, to put it bluntly, personal guides and angels are astral beings.

By contrast, Archangels are etheric beings, moving at a higher frequency. Think of them as transpersonal helpers, in charge of specialties. For instance, Archangel Michael is in charge of removing what doesn’t belong. Archangel Raphael specializes in healing. Archangel Gabriel (present in scriptures of many religions) helps with communication, including removing obstacles you may carry to being heard by others.

Like Ascended Masters, Archangels are spiritual powerhouses because they come from a super-high frequency.

  1. What difference does it make, calling on a Divine Being vs. a Celestial Being.
  2. Call it your opportunity to be really counter-culture. Mainstream religion today is about following (and, usually, worshipping) a Divine Being. Mainstream spirituality today is about recognizing the blessings that come from angels and guides.

A third path is available: Co-creating with Divine Beings. This differs from traditional worship as well as pop spirituality. So many benefits are available from co-creating that I’ve written an entire book of how-to’s, “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.” [link]

  1. What’s the most practical difference between working with personal angels versus Divine Beings.
  2. Angels are more likely to give you information about everyday life whereas Divine Beings will help create miracles.

For example, angels can help you to read an aura while Divine Beings will help you to heal and transform an aura, as well as read it.

  1. When do people have angels in their auras?
  2. Your personal angel committee (all the angels and guides who work with you at any given time) stay separate from your aura, although they’re close as can be. If you have a talent for working with a particular kind of astral being, then you may have one or more in your aura, usually the heart or third eye.

For instance, some of my clients have—front and center in their auras–flower fairies, angels of healing, or personal guides with whom they actively collaborate on a daily basis. It’s helpful! It’s lovely!

  1. What about having Divine Beings in one’s aura.
  2. Used to be, this was rather rare. Out of 100 aura readings, as many as 2 people would have a Divine Being at the third eye or heart chakra. If you’ve ever heard the term “religious vocation” or “calling,” this is it.

For example, a man with Jesus in his aura would have a special affinity for this particular Divine Being. The man would often receive guidance without asking, would often co-create with Jesus and have an extra-strong connection during prayer.

  1. If you have a Divine Being in your aura, does that mean you’re only allowed to work with that One?
  2. No limitations or jealousies come from Divine Beings. That’s human stuff. The alleged need to be worshipped, or demanding that a person has met certain religious requirements to be worthy—again, that’s human stuff.

Divine Beings come with no strings attached. It is their delight to help you, whether once or twice or on a daily basis. On the receiving end, it can only help you, collaborating with a Divine Being.

Having one in your aura can be, literally, a Godsend. Imagine the blessing for your spiritual life, having that kind of instant access.

  1. What if you didn’t like it?
  2. If you wished, you could always ask the Divine Being to leave.
  3. Would there be a penalty for that?
  4. None whatsoever. Frankly, you’d have a higher price to pay to withdraw money early from a CD account at your bank. Just ask inside, one time, e.g., “St. Francis, please leave my aura now.” Divine Beings, Celestial Beings and God all respect your free will. (In this regard, they show better manners than many humans you’ll meet.)
  5. Okay, so now about this change you have noticed about Divine Beings in people’s auras. What has shifted?
  6. Within this past month, I’ve noticed that a very high proportion of auras now include a Divine Being. I can only conclude that, as humanity has been evolving collectively, we now have the standing to receive this blessing more readily than ever before.

What used to be a kind of spiritual election, or special vocation, is now an opportunity for anyone who desires to receive it.

The real wake-up call came to me recently when I was doing my morning meditation. I’m used to calling on a variety of Divine and Celestial Beings whom I’m in touch with all day. On that particular morning, one of the Divine Beings asked if I would agree to have Him move directly into my aura.

I said yes. He moved in more easily than downloading the latest update of Adobe picture-thingie on my computer.

So now I’m one of those formerly “rare” people, too. As usual, if I can do it, you can do it!

Therefore I asked for, and received, a technique that you can use for bringing a Divine Being into your aura, by choice.

  1. How would you know if you’re ready for this?
  2. If you’re interested, that’s one clue. If you’re curious or you feel a longing to have a clearer Divine connection, honor that.
  3. Does having a Divine Being in your aura make your usual Celestial Beings leave? Could your Guardian Angel resign in protest?
  4. Nothing you can do will remove your Guardian Angel. If you’re ever seeking a role model for unconditional love, you could scour the Universe and not find anyone better than your magnificent Guardian Angel.

Bringing in a Divine Being will simply give you a spiritual upgrade. Ask for your own technique, in your own way—you can co-create with God at any time. But if you’d like a step-by-step technique from me, it would be my joy to give it to you.

Sure, some teachers make a big deal of techniques like this. Decades ago, it might have been appropriate to make you take a four-day course, with a big initiation ceremony. But we’re all too evolved for that by now. Just email me at [email protected] and I’ll send you the how-to steps as a special gift for Energy Spirituality.

Rose Rosetree teaches leading-edge, commonsense techniques about Energy Spirituality throughout the U.S. and in Japan and England. Her latest book is “Let Today Be a Holiday: 365 Ways to Co-Create with God.” Copies are available through her website,  Individual phone sessions for aura transformation and spiritual coaching are available by personal appointment. Details are at, where The Portal to Deeper Perception can link you into blogs and forums galore.

Extracted from your spiritual revolution July Edition Magazine.