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 By Praveena Sanjay

Reiki- I choose to call it “Faith Healing” is a hands- on Healing therapy that is used to heal illnesses at all the 3 levels- emotional, physical and mental . As per the Universal Wisdom, Reiki energy is accessible to all of us, and through the initiation method, a person becomes a Reiki channel and is able to tap this energy and use it to heal people. The discipline of Reiki is based on the concept of ” There is nothing Like Linear time”. It is believed that there exists nothing like Time and space and what we are experiencing is “The present moment or NOW ” . I have been associated with Reiki for the past 8 years and Life has since been transformational. I choose to explain it this way: No method of healing- be it Allopathy, Homeopathic, Yoga, Aromatherapy or Reiki is effective or beneficial unless the person getting healed is positive and receptive towards the same. Dr. Deepak Chopra is a firm believer of what we call as the “Mind body connection” and I believe strongly that our thought patterns have a major effect on our health. People who are extremely positive and happy tend to remain healthy most of the time..

Reiki believes that the root of all illness is “Emotion”. Every disease be it a minor cold to diseases like Cancer have a mind body connection. It is believed that People who have repressed resentment or anger inside them fall prey to cancer. Every illness has a psychological connection to it and the extent to which a person gets healed depends on how positive he remains towards the healing process. I would not say Blind faith is a requisite, but a positive inclination towards healing and the belief that ” I would be healed ” is enough to make miracles happen. This is very evident from the fact that 2 patients suffering from the same disease have different responses towards the same treatment. One may be healed in no time, never to have it again, and the other might worsen his health by remaining in a state of depression and negativity .

Reiki has been extremely beneficial in curing all types of Illnesses of any origin- be it stress, or diseases like spondylisis, Migraine etc to diseases of psychosomatic origin. Many people ask me” How is it possible to heal a person suffering from acute diseases like Migraine”. I say the key to this is “Faith”. Faith can move mountains as the old proverb goes , holds true here. Whenever a person comes for healing, The first step that starts the healing process effectively is the ‘Faith in Reiki” and this is true for all the methods of treatment like medicines, Yoga etc. The positive attitude and receptivity in a person opens up channels through which healing happens.

Reiki, as I said before is a hands on healing technique wherein the healer places hands on the affected parts of the patient to enable healing. First the healing begins by opening up the blocked energy centers ( or chakras). Once the Chakras are opened up, The Reiki energy flows in; enabling healing. During the Reiki treatment, it is possible that pain

,aches, fever   or psychological effects like Sadness or depression crop up. This is natural and ensures that healing is happening effectively. There are various illnesses which are repressed inside us which we are not aware of, and healing just opens up these blocks and heals from the Root. I encourage people coming for my sessions for Taking Mediation sessions as well. This aids in Healing and Reiki is one such discipline which encourages other healing options along with Reiki treatments.

We are living in an era where Emotional stress and burden is so much that we do not realize what it is doing to our psyche and hence our Physical bodies. Only when we fall prey to acute diseases do we realize we need to Slow down. It is believed that the illness first strikes at the Auric level and then the damage is done to the Body. By the time the body gets affected, The damage has already been done . The Aura gets clouded due to negative emotions like Anger, Envy, hatred, resentment, guilt , Fear.

The key to Good health has always been Happiness. And what’s the Key to happiness? Well every one has a different definition for the same. The key to it lies in living a soulful and enriched life that includes the Right kind of Food, Right sleep, Right Habits, positive attitude towards Life, Loving and accepting oneself fully.

The keys to living a Spiritually enriching Life are :

  • Do not indulge in gossips, as it depletes the energy
  • Do not stick onto negativity( emotions) for long
  • Make Positive affirmations daily
  • Appreciate another person ( your spouse, sibling or parents) daily at least once;
  • Feel good about yourself by remembering your achievements and your positive             qualities
  • Do Spiritual activities like meditation for at least 10 minutes.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Eirini Kapsido
    • Try and be expressive about your feelings and thoughts.
    • Read a lot. Especially Spirituality based, Self help books that inspire you. Re read books ….read as many times as you can; it gets engraved in the neural pathways and then we are able to use this wisdom in our daily lives…
    • Make it a point to maintain a good relationship with the people who are close to you. If an issue or argument bothers you, be brave enough to commu- nicate with the person concerned. Repressed emotions and feelings are the major cause for illness
    • Practice the act of forgiveness. This can only happen if you forgive yourself for all your deeds and accept yourself as the person you are.

            Healing is not about just curing your body of an illness but it is a whole process that involves cleaning your system off negative emotions, feelings, toxins and replacing them with the feelings of Unconditional Love, acceptance and Peace.

©  Praveena Sanjay, all rights reserved.

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