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The Crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara,  is located at the centre of your forehead. Being the seventh energy center, it symbolises spiritual connection and transformation of oneself. The crystals in this kit connect you to the divine energy and develop spiritually by calming the conscious mind. Transform your inner thoughts, and manifest desires by balancing this chakra. Fight insomnia, migraine, and self-doubt with this naturally charged kit and pave the way to positivity, success and joyful abundance.

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The Sanskrit name for the crown chakra is Sahasrara because it is said that the chakra is in the form of a lotus with 1,000 petals arranged in 20 layers. This violet chakra refers to the enlightenment and spiritual connection to our higher selves, others, and ultimately, the connection with the divine. The mixture of violet & white colour represents the distance from the physical world and flowing in the air connecting you to the universal energy. If you feel low on energy, and less focused then this naturally charged kit is for you.

Sings your Crown Chakra is blocked and underactive– Feeling of detachment, loneliness, lack of focus and inability to achieve goals.

A balanced and activated Crown Chakra represents– Feeling spiritual connection, optimistic attitute, being wise, clear-headed and enlightened. 

Crystals that help to balance Crown Chakra:

The energizing power of crystals can balance the Crown Chakra and heal mental, emotional, and spiritual problems. The crystals will help you achieve spiritual enlightenment, heal imbalances, balanced life, and career growth, and boost good health. 

Rainbow Moonstone

The gorgeous rainbow moonstone is known for its illuminating vibrant colour flashes. Regain your mental clarity and clairvoyance and make wiser decisions. Balance your emotions, ease your worry and build your confidence with this crystal. The iridescent moonstone, ‘Stone of Intuition’ amplifies your intuition and psychic abilities that lead to spiritual development & connecting to your higher self. This crystal not only brings good luck & fortune but also washes away self-doubt. Its uplifting solid energy protects you from thoughts of insecurity and motivates you to take that uncomfortable decision. Meditating with rainbow moonstone crystal diffuses all the negative thoughts in your mind and clears the way for positive vibrations to flow in. Attract abundance and knowledge to attain your investment objectives with this magnificent crystal.


The purple Amethyst, also known as the “All-purpose stone” is believed to solve mental, physical, spiritual and emotional issues. Not only does it balances our immune system but also fights insomnia & confidence. It induces self-love and brings you closer to yourself, thus balancing your crown chakra. Eliminate the negative energy and tranquillize your body, mind and spirit with this crystal. Cope with emotional losses and painful experiences with the purple Amethyst. Calm your mind and soul by carrying this crystal with you. Get peaceful and relaxing sleep by placing the Amethyst crystal near your bed or under your pillow. The healing energy of Amethyst is said to cleanse the surroundings with positive vibrations. One of the stones that develop stronger intuition, broadens spiritual wisdom and enhances psychic attacks.

Lapis Lazuli

The royal Lapis Lazuli Gemstone is an excellent tool for stimulating inner peace and enhancing memory. Along with providing clear judgement, it showers wisdom and activates the higher mind with the bright luminous gemstone. Express your emotions with ease and improve your communication skills with the Lapis Lazuli. Place it in your home or office to eliminate negative energy from the surroundings and transform it into vibrant energy. Protect yourself from the harmful effects of emissions, reduce stress and improve emotional stability. Also effective for creativity and clarity, lapis lazuli boosts concentration. Gift this kit to your friends or loved ones and boost their concentration. With many health benefits, the stunning lapis lazuli stone improves spiritual & emotional health along with balancing physical health issues. 


The radiant energy of Selenite crystal gemstone is believed to be a gentle yet effective healing stone. An energy shifter and cleanser, it can supercharge your home or office with its purifying light and high vibrations. This healing stone will remove negative and toxic energy around you and will cleanse the aura around you, making the space soaked in purifying white light. The beautiful spiritual stone holds the energy of the light, making it one of the most magnificent creations of Mother Nature. Also believed to be a cleansing stone, keep it with your crystals to cleanse the negativity and re

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz clears all the negative energy, balances the body & promotes harmony. This beautiful crystal is considered a “Master Healer” as it amplifies energy by absorbing, storing & regulating it. Place it in an open space where you can see it clearly to maximize its healing effects. Known for its healing abilities, Clear Quartz is exceptionally the best gemstone that evokes the power of manifestation & promotes health, wealth & prosperity. Excellent for removing the blockages, Clear Quartz’s energy purifies at all levels; mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. 

How to Cleanse Crystals:

Crystals contain enormous energy that rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul. However, when too much negative energy gets stored in the crystal, it starts concealing the positive vibrations of the crystal. So, it is necessary to cleanse the crystal to keep its energy pure and vibrant.

  • Water is the best way to neutralize all the negative energies stored and return the crystal back to its natural state. Make sure to use clean water and let the stone immerse in it completely–& pat it dry once you’re done. 
  • Leaving gemstones under the light of the full moon or in sunlight will help crystals get charged and clear away old energies. 
  • You can also use Selenite crystal to charge & cleanse your crystals. When crystals are placed with Selenite, this versatile stone takes away their negative energy by inducing positive energy in them, and then it automatically cleanses itself.
Note: These are natural stones, so their color, shape, and sizes vary and sometimes there are holes in them. Also, there are grains inside the stones which look like cracks, but these are natural.


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