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Restore balance, activate the higher mind and enhance intuition with the Third Eye Chakra crystal kit. Called Ajna meaning “center of intuition” in Sanskrit, this chakra helps you clear illusions and see the clear picture. If you are feeling disconnected from yourself, have self-doubt, lack trust, feel anxious or have difficulty sleeping, this kit will do wonders for you. The highly energising crystals will heal all your mental, emotional and spiritual issues. It can remove blockages and align your Third Eye Chakra, leading to heightened wisdom, intellect, clarity and spiritual growth.

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Ajna chakra or the third eye chakra is positioned between the eyebrows. Ajna refers to the centre of intuition, as the Sanskrit word Ajna means “perceive,” “command” or “beyond wisdom”. This chakra helps you to clear any illusions or drama and see the clear picture. It is Indigo in colour.

Signs your Third Eye Chakra is blocked–Feeling disconnected, no clarity, feeling stressed, self-doubt, mentally disturbed and improper sleeping patterns.

An activate and balanced Third Eye Chakra represents– Strong perception, wisdom, powerful spiritual life, focused, determined and stronger intuition power.

Crystals that can balance the Third Eye Chakra: 

The energizing power of crystals can balance the Third Eye Chakra and heal all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual problems. The tumble stones can help remove blockages from the chakra and allow the free flow of vibrant energy to enter. The crystals will also help you achieve success, heal relationship wounds, balance your professional & love life, and career growth, and boost good health. 


The beautiful Amethyst is the stone of the Third Eye Chakra. As a stone of intuition, it harmonizes the chakra and removes all kinds of blockages. Its soothing energy helps in spiritual growth, improving mental clarity and enhancing psychic abilities. The Amethyst gemstones are a natural tranquillizer that promotes peace & calmness. These crystal gemstones amplify healing energy and cleanse the surroundings with positive vibrations. It carries a calm aura that helps an individual seek patience and relaxes the body, reducing anxiety. From stress relief and balancing other emotional imbalances, Amethyst also helps in improving sleeping patterns. 

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the best stone to activate the Third Eye Chakra as it is famously known as the stone of enlightenment. The royal Lapis Lazuli can shower wisdom, provide clear judgment, activate the higher mind and enhance intellectual ability. It is excellent for stimulating inner peace and enhancing memory. It eliminates negative energy from the surroundings and transforms it into vibrant energy, reduces stress, eliminates insomnia, and improves emotional stability. The gorgeous Lapis Lazuli promotes well-being by removing all kinds of blockages. It can heal all our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual issues. The enormous energy of crystals also increases our intuition. 

Black Obsidian

Famously known as the stone of truth, Black Obsidian helps you to self-reflect and connect with yourself. It helps in stimulating and balancing the Third Eye Chakra as it clears blockages and heightens intuition. The stone acts as a shield against negative energy that will always protect you. It is a striking gemstone that draws away mental stress, and tension and brings clarity. A powerful stone that awakens the soul & paves the way toward self-realization, this powerful gemstone improves communication & gives clarity to all aspects of life. Keep this crystal near you to get high vibrations and remove emotional blockages.


A vision stone, Iolite can activate the Third-Eye Chakra and enhance intuitive sight by aligning all the chakras. Its soothing energy can cleanse the aura and help you connect with your inner self. This gemstone helps in boosting immunity, improving sleep and cutting down on bad habits. The natural healing stone will bring back balance, remove stress and instil harmony in your life. Iolite’s violet-blue energy activates and aligns the third-eye chakra. It opens space for healing and clears away bad energy vibrations. The gemstone when kept near can heal all your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual problems.

Clear Quartz

The most divine stone, Clear Quartz can cleanse the Third-Eye Chakra with abundant positivity. The stone clears all the negative energy, balances the body & promotes harmony. This beautiful crystal is considered a “Master Healer” as it amplifies energy by absorbing, storing & regulating it. Known for its healing abilities, Clear Quartz is exceptionally the best gemstone that evokes the power of manifestation & promotes health, wealth & prosperity. The highly energising stone can balance all the Chakras and evoke intuitive powers. Excellent for removing the blockages, Clear Quartz’s energy purifies at all levels; mental, emotional, physical & spiritual. 

How to Cleanse Crystals:

Crystals contain enormous energy that rejuvenates our mind, body, and soul. However, when too much negative energy gets stored in the crystal, it starts concealing the positive vibrations of the crystal. So, it is necessary to cleanse the crystal to keep its energy pure and vibrant.

  • Water is the best way to neutralize all the negative energies stored and return the crystal back to its natural state. Make sure to use clean water and let the stone immerse in it completely–& pat it dry once you’re done. 
  • Leaving gemstones under the light of the full moon or in sunlight will help crystals get charged and clear away old energies. 
  • You can also use Selenite crystal to charge & cleanse your crystals. When crystals are placed with Selenite, this versatile stone takes away their negative energy by inducing positive energy in them, and then it automatically cleanses itself.
Note: These are natural stones, so their color, shape, and sizes vary and sometimes there are holes in them. Also, there are grains inside the stones which look like cracks, but these are natural.


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