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Shungite Tumble Black Coloured Natural Crystal Vastu Reiki Healing Stones Feng Shui Aura Cleansing (100 gm) by Your Spiritual Revolution

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The natural black colored tumble stone, shungite, is charged with the ability to absorb, neutralize negative energy & harmful chemicals. Having shungite at home also proves to be effective against EMFs emitted from home appliances, cell phones, & other electronic devices. The lustrous black Shugnite is one of the rarest healing crystals.

The powerful grounding stone soaks up negative energy & balances emotions. Its high vibration can help you grow spiritually & bring light during times of uncertainty. Harness the power of Shugnite by keeping it near to yourself, in a purse or pocket & near your bed.

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Natural Shungite Tumbled Stone: Weight 100 gms (5-6 pcs) Colour: Black 

Shungite tumble black colored stones fueled with natural healing abilities are best for tumbling, cabbing, healing, chakra balancing. It attracts positive energy, proves to be effective for sound meditation, & sound sleep. 

According to VASTU & FENG SHUI: The Natural Healing Tumble Stone is used for various purposes like Spiritual Rituals, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot Reading, and Astrology.

CLEANSING PROPERTIES/HOW TO USE. The shungite by Your Spiritual Revolution are all naturally charged with healing energies. Keeping it in the pocket or carrying it in the purse for 21 days will attract benefitting outcomes. Known for its chakra balancing ability, when placed on different chakras, it releases the pain & blockages with its natural healing abilities. Placing it under running water will help with easy cleaning of the stone. 

This natural healing crystal is filled with mystic powers that clean the aura & balances chakra. Keeping the crystal at different levels where chakras operate helps with relieving the blockages & imbalances. It helps with cleaning the negative aura, & neutralizing the harmful effect of electromagnetic devices. 


  • Protection from electromagnetic frequency (EMFs)
  • Purify water with enriching minerals
  • Help you feel grounded
  • Removes negative energy
  • Promotes emotional balance

The unique crystal detoxifies your mind, body & spirit with its purifying nature. It is popularly known to shield electromagnetic fields & absorb negative energies. The high carbon content of Shugnite acts as a natural water purifier. The enriched mineral water contains natural antioxidants that neutralize free radicals & is beneficial for cells, tissues & immune function. The healing power of stone acts as a catalyst for growth, change & transformation. With Shugnite, you can alleviate spiritual imbalances, promote mental clarity & feel rooted from within. 

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