The Mysterious One (Volume Two)

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“Ahhh… It feels so great that now humanity is ready to transpose all its illusionary ideas and ignorance and face them squarely. Although it sounds a bit risky, this will go a long way in your speedy transformation. It’s only when you experience the result of your own doing, do you realize the errors in your beliefs and work towards transcending them. This is no lesson or punishment. This is the way it works, dear.

I welcome you on the threshold of this agitation, this realization, this conflict, this transformation… to hold each of you in MY arms and celebrate the victory of humanity over its own dark forces. Victory of immortality over death. Victory of love over hatred. Victory of peace over violence. Victory of oneness over the illusionary separateness of All That Is.

Till then work on yourself, work for your brothers and sisters around, work for the nature around, work for The One all around you. As you start reading the chapters focusing on diff erent aspects to be worked upon for the coming times, know that all aspects are to be worked out. Do not keep thinking there are people – specialists, government, leaders – to do it, to take care of it.

Be active more than ever during this period while being with the Silent Witness in all the moments of Now… to ride over the tide and reach the horizon to witness the Dawn of The New Golden Age!”

“Every move you make, every breath you take, every word you say,

every thought you think, everywhere you see… I AM watching you!”

~ The Mysterious One

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