Your Spiritual Revolution Mini Home Energy Cleansing & Healing Kit with Crystals, Amethyst Pyramid, Sage Smudge, Dhoop Cup, Negative Energy Protection, Chakra Balance, Wealth (Set of 11 Products)

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Re-energize your home environment and eliminate all negative energies with the healing power of crystals, gemstones, pyramid, orgonite, sage, and dhoop cup! This delightful mini box is specially curated to nourish your soul, help you cleanse & detoxify your home spiritually.

This is the perfect kit that will spiritually cleanse & heal your surroundings. This home cleansing & healing kit will transform the energy for your soul to reside in peace & positivity. The aura cleanser kit will effectively purify & protect your home from hostile & negative energy. The energy healing kit will induce positive energy, balance your chakras, release stress & attract abundance.

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