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Exclusively made from salt crystal rocks formed 100’s of millions of years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas. Himalayan Salt Natural Lamp is carefully crafted by hand to retain the natural, unique and beautiful shape of the rock. Himalayan Salt Lamps are beautiful additions to interior decorations as not only do they make the space glow with warm amber light but also hail many health and environmental benefits. Rejuvenate your mind, body and soul with the radiant glow of the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

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Package contents: 1 Himalayan Salt Lamp with attached Power Cable and 1 Bulb; Beautifully Carved with a Sturdy Wooden Base. 

Material: Himalayan Salt

Make your ambience peaceful, relaxed and light up with the warm amber glow of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Enhance your mood, reduce stress and hail the innumerable benefits of pure salt crystal of the Himalayas– only with Himalayan Salt Lamps. Add this beautiful art showpiece and lift your spirits. The Himalayan Salt Lamp is an absolute addition to your home décor, workplace, yoga studio, bedroom and at the centre of your living room. The amber glow of the lamp will bring energy and light up any space. This beautiful lamp is the perfect home décor showpiece. Place it anywhere to enjoy a pleasant ambience and light up your mood. Keeping it at home will also help to promote peace, restful sleep, meditation, increase concentration, and bring stability. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps cleanse and purify the air by absorbing water vapours from the atmosphere (toxic and contaminated) and locking them into the crystal salt. This process is called hygroscopy. In this, The Himalayan Salt Lamps produce negative ions that neutralize the bacteria, viruses and harmful components present in the air. 

Himalayan Salt Lamps are believed to serve many health benefits. It can reduce allergies, alleviate cold and flu symptoms and improve breathing patterns. The radiate lamp can reduce stress and make the surroundings calm & tranquil with its soft alluring glow. It can also boost immunity & promote overall wellbeing. 

The Himalayan Salt Lamp can improve irregular sleeping patterns by balancing positive and negative ions making them a popular sleep aid. The soothing warm light can also help people who suffer from insomnia. Apart from this, The Himalayan Salt Lamps are famously known to neutralize electromagnetic radiation (EM) produced by TVs, cell phones, refrigerators and computers. Constant exposure to EM can cause fatigue, increase stress and weaken the immune system. The negative ions emitted by the lamp reduce the exposure and clear the atmosphere. 

The radiant Himalayan Salt Lamps are a perfect gift item for home. Gift your loved ones, family & friends this beautiful lamp showpiece. Everyone will love this elegant and prosperous charm made from natural Himalayan salt. According to Vastu & FengShui, keeping the Himalayan Salt Lamp at your home, living room, bedroom or workplace will promote peace and harmonize your mind, body and soul. Release negativity with this Vastu item for home, living room, office & Vastu correction and make way for positive energy & transformation


  • Cleanse & Purify Air
  • Balance Electromagnetic Radiation
  • Enhance Mood
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Sharpen Concentration 
  • Reduce Stress & Promote Relaxation
  • Promote Deep Sleep
  • Improve Breathing
  • Boost Immunity & Better Wellbeing

Safety Care:

  • Place the lamp out of reach from children and pets. The surface should be stable, secure, and out of reach of cats.
  • Turn your lamp on daily to be sure water doesn’t accumulate.
  • It is recommended to keep the salt lamp in a dry area, reduce the moisture in your home, and wipe down your lamp often.
Note: These are natural stones, so their color, shape and sizes vary and sometimes there are holes in it. Also there are grains inside the stones which look like cracks, but these are natural.


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