Scorpio Zodiac Crystal Kit

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Balance your Mind, attract growth in your career and bring joy with this outstanding charged natural kit for Scorpio. Amethyst gemstone brings peace and calms the mind to achieve goals and make way for positive energy to flow in. Sunstone represents the sun that brings bright and happy energy and uplifts the mood instantly. Citrine bracelet is a helper in manifesting the job, career or growth you need in your professional life. Keeping this kit with you will help you manifest the life you want and develop you spiritually and emotionally.

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Scorpio Kit (set of 3)– Natural Amethyst and Sunstone Stones & Natural Citrine Bracelet.

The charged Scorpio Kit consists of all the qualities that are needed by a Scorpion. Begin to find inner peace, and motivation to develop yourself and attain success with the help of this kit. Carefully curating this special kit for Scorpions is the ultimate thing as it carries all the properties right from strength, the overall well-being of mind, and body and upliftment of the soul. Bring this kit for yourself and witness the positive change in you.

Citrine Bracelet: Citrine is an ancient energy crystal that harnesses solar energy to cure. This stone, often known as “merchant crystal,” attracts riches, prosperity, and success. It brings excitement and enthusiasm to the table while treating physical and mental illnesses. Resonating with Solar Plexus Chakra and the Sacral Chakra, this bright yellow stone keeps you grounded. Wearing this lovely Citrine stone bracelet will bring you luck and prosperity. It bestows health, money, joy, zeal, and everything else that makes a person’s heart and soul joyful.

Amethyst: Amethyst, is also known as the stone for balance. Not only does it balances the mind but also enhances intuition. This results in an open space for positive energy, goal manifesting and self-love. It can activate Crown Chakra which enhances spiritual energy & promotes higher consciousness. Unlock your inner potential by adding natural psychic abilities and increasing your intuition by carrying or keeping this power-packed gemstone with you. Manifest your dreams and the life you want with this natural Amethyst gemstone and bring a sense of peace & well-being.

Sunstone: Sunstone, the stone of good luck and fortune, carries the sun’s brilliant and cheerful energy. It is a strongly protective stone that promotes bravery, inner strength, and personal power. This stunning gemstone emanates self-confidence and stimulates self-healing qualities, making it a natural antidepressant. This gem’s warm energy will also help to relieve tension and improve mental clarity. The energy of the sunstone may cleanse the aura and balance all of the chakras. Its high vibrations can heal all physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues.

An ultimate gifting item suitable for occasions like birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving day, House warming, etc. According to Vastu & Feng Shui, these stones are used for various other purposes like Spiritual Rituals, Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Numerology, Tarot Reading, and Astrology. Help your friends and family to maintain a balance of the mind & raise their spiritual awareness.

How to Wear/Use:

  • Place these Vastu items of elegant bright stones at your home/office/car or your bedside table to feel the energetic wave of transformation. You can also carry it in your wallet/purse or keep it in your child’s room, bedroom or living room to add as decor. 
  • If you feel heaviness in the stones/ bracelet keep it under the moonlight for 4-5 hrs approximately to recharge them.



  • Attracts Wealth & Prosperity. 
  • Clears Negative Energy.
  • Improves Sleeping Patterns.
  • Eliminates Addiction Problems.
  • Brings Good Luck & Success.
Note: These are natural stones, so their color, shape, and sizes vary and sometimes there are holes in them. Also, there are grains inside the stones which look like cracks, but these are natural.


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