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Lucky Gift Winners For Oct. 2007 Issue

Your Spiritual Revolution eCourse for 1 month

Krishna Thakkar, CA, USA (id: jaigurudev_3)

Flowing with Universal Laws book

Khurram Shehzad from Pakistan (id: shehzee)

The Larger Picture by Divyaa Kummar

Ronak Bagadia from Bangalore, India (id: starlitauraa)

The Freedom of Choice Book

Kavya Reddy from Hyderabad (id: kavya) Ragini Venkatraman from Mumbai (id: ragini)

Winners have been chosen by randomly selecting user-ids from a list of YSR members.

Winners are requested to email with complete postal address and phone number to receive the gifts at the earliest.

Your Spiritual Revolution eCourse

Are You Ready for Miracles?

Life Transformation using Common-Sense Logic with Higher Mind Thinking

Truth – Teaching – Tools – Technology – Transformation “If you can start exploring possibilities,

you will start surpassing all known boundaries.” – Amitt

What you will explore… Objectives of YSR course

  • God is Everywhere
  • Truth leads to Peace & Happiness
  • Art and Science of Balance
  • Brain is in the Mind
  • Love and Fear – Duality in Design
  • Awareness Transforms
  • Consciousness + Energy = Reality
  • Law of Attraction – Act to Attract
  • Freedom of Choice – Evolution vs Entropy
  • Law of Karma
  • Time & Space – An illusion
  • Psychic / paranormal abilities exist
  • As above so below: Microcosm vs Macrocosm
  • Change is the only constant – Evolution
  • Enlightenment – Immortality
  • Law of Abundance
  • Illusion vs Reality – Analyzing Dreams
  • Faith, devotion and patience
  • Spiritualistic Materialism
  • Your Spiritual Revolution
  • Significant improvement in your physical health
  • Significant improvement in your emotional health
  • Significant improvement in financial condition
  • Significant improvement in your intelligence
  • Significant improvement in your relationships
  • Aligning your thoughts & activities with life goal
  • Love, peace, happiness and abundance in your life
  • Development of divine ego
  • Development of dormant psychic abilities
  • Astral travel, aura viewing, time travel & healing
  • Communication with your higher self
  • Achieving thoughtless state of mind – witnessing
  • Developing compassion for all

Theory, exercises & questions will be sent by email.  Answers and progress will be evaluated and one-to-one coaching provided by email/chats for further progress.

Fees: US$29/- (INR 550/-) For One Month Venue: From comfort of your home/office!

Timing: At your convenient time!

You can pay by draft/cheque drawn in favor of ‘Spiritual Science & Research Foundation’ or by PayPal to

YSR eCourse will be conducted by Amitt Parikh – Executive Editor of Your Spiritual Revolution eMag, founder of Spiritual Science & Research Foundation. He is an author, poet, mystic, IT consultant, translator, and a professional trainer. For registration, email:

Health, wealth, peace, happiness, satisfaction, truth… Aren’t these the very ‘things’ you are trying to achieve out there? This eCourse will help you get them in abundance, by guiding you to your true Self – your true master – your true guide.


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