EXPO 2021

Explore Spirituality & Integral Healing from the comfort of your home!


28th - 31st August

20+ Speakers

wellness expo

About Wellness & Healing Expo

Your Spiritual Revolution organized a Virtual 360° Expo from 28th Aug to 31st Aug 2021. The 4-day virtual event brought together Spiritual, Healing, Health & Wellness enthusiasts on the same platform internationally. We had an exemplary line-up of Exhibitors & Presenters, sharing a similar passion. 

Our visitors got the opportunity to interact with renowned Healers, Experts, Coaches and grabbed some great insights on  Spirituality and Integral Healing. In addition, there were over 25+ Webinars, Workshops & Events on Spiritual topics like Meditation, Astrology, Graphology, Healing techniques, Yoga, and various other Health and Wellbeing Services.

We would like to extend our gratitude towards all the Presenters and Exhibitors for their innumerable contributions in making our Wellness & Healing Expo 2021 a Success. And to all our visitors, for adding glory to our revolutionary event.


Here is the list of presenters with the topics they presented. All the Presentations/Sessions from our esteemed presenters are available on our YouTube Channel. So, if you’ve missed the informative & virtual spiritual session held by our renowned presenters, here’s your chance to learn and gain insights about Spirituality, Healing, Astrology, Graphology, Meditation, and various other topics just by clicking on the links given below.

suman razdan

Suman Razdan

Certified professional in cognitive hypnotherapy, Metaphoric Regression
Emotions connected to our body
swati mishra

Swati Mishra

Experiential Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, Inner Child Healer.
All about Energy and Energy work
shrimant jayant zarekar

Shrimant Jayant Zarekar

Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, and an NLP Practitioner.
Guidance of Beejakshar
sangeeta ranka

Sangeeta Ranka

A passionate Life Coach, Motivational Speaker and Energy Healer
Holistic Multidimensional Healing
samantha bora

Samantha Bora

Energy Healing practitioner & Sound Healing Expert
Sound Awakening Session
pooja agarwal shaikh

Pooja Agarwal Shaikh

Pooja Agarwal Shaikh is an Intuitive Healer, Master NLP Practitioner
Change your subconscious
nisha sangoi

Nisha Sangoi

Aura Reader and Aura Researcher Expert at Sai Karuna Mission
Spiritual & Medical Research
neha kare kanabar

Neha Kare Kanabar

Founded the UNIMO Universe of Moms i.e. the world’s largest community of moms.
Money Manifestation
lipi banerjee

Lipi Banerjee

Numerologist, Astrologer, Certified Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
lee ann fortunato

Lee Ann Fortunato

Branding & Marketing expert, Multi-dimensional Artist.
MetaArt with Ocular Meditation
laila ahmed

Laila Ahmed

Intuitive Trainer, Author of Best Selling Books & a Therapist.
Activate your Intuition
dr. kirti kanodia

Dr. Kirti Kanodia

Founder of Toshni Institute – Kirti Counselor, Counselor & Holistic Healer.
Counseling in Holistic Healing
kara nicole

Kara Nicole

Lawyer turned Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga, Reiki Master.
The Power of the Breath
jyoti kaundinya

Jyoti Kaundinya

Health and Wellness Coach, Worldwide Meditation Master, Mental Health Activist.
Healing mind through meditation
jogani wellness

Jogani Wellness

Jogani Wellness was founded by the wellness expert and entrepreneur Mahesh Jogani.
Modernization of traditional wellness
hiral shah

Hiral Shah

Creative Art Therapist, Master of Arts in Yogashastra.
Nada Shavasana
elyse hanselman

Elyse Hanselman

Certified Essential Oil Specialist, Founder of dōTERRA®
Medicine Cabinet Makeover
ellaeenah jadefire

Ellaeenah JadeFire

Empowered Life Coach, Spiritual Mentor & Energy Intuit.
Angels & Crystals
divyaa kumaar

Divyaa Kumaar

Spiritual & Meditation facilitator, Bach Flower Therapy Expert & a Published Spiritual Writer
Bach Flower Therapy
binny chauhan

Binny Chauhan

Master Trainer in Psycho Neurobics, Reiki Master, Numerology Expert.
Raise your vibrations
bina shriram

Bina Shriram

Spiritual Master, Mentor, and Life Skills Coach
Divine Grace
bharti dua

Bharti Dua

Reiki & Pranic Healer, EFT, Energy Circles Expert, Energy Numbers Expert.
Manifestation with Moon
sudhir kove

Sudhir Kove

Graphologist, Symbologist, Numerologist & Wristwatch Therapy Expert.
Decode your life
mukundan satyanarayanan

Mukundan Satyanarayanan

Healthy and Sustainable Food Products – VI Prime
Health and Beauty Products



astro sattva
bina shriram
insights & growth
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akshar urja
canvas saga
joy essence
mystic world
toshini institute
wise oak


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Elyse Hanselman, a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, Medicine Cabinet Makeover, Founded the dōTERRA® Essential oils. dōTERRA® Essential Oils are All-natural products that are intensively tested to revive your health and are safe for all your loved ones.

Website: https://www.theterralife.com/

YSR Presenter Logo

Ms. Lipi Banerjee

Ms. Lipi Banerjee is a Spiritual catalyst who obtained Reiki’s grandmaster certificate.

She had a Metaphysical journey where she learned about her undiagnosed ailments and overcame them. Ms. Banerjee, Certified Strategist, and DISC Assessment coach from Master Coach University, Florida; is also skilled as Reiki Healer & Numerologist, an Advanced Vedatin and Gita graduate. However, she never stopped learning as she is now pursuing her Master’s in Numerology and Doctorate in Metaphysics.

Website: https://lipibanerjee.com

YSR Presenter Logo

Circle of love

Swati Mishra is an Experiential Therapist, Shamanic Practitioner, and a Mentor. She offers a distinctive combination of Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Yoga. She conducts one-to-one sessions, group therapies, and workshops that help to transform you at a personal level. She offers courses to learn Reiki, ways to embrace your intuition, Munay-Ki Rites. She also conducts workshops like Guardian Angel and how to Awaken your Chakras.

Website: https://thecircleoflove.in/

YSR Presenter Logo

Sangeeta Ranka

Sangeeta Ranka is a successful Educationist, Management Guru, Tarot Card Reader, and Advanced Energy Healer. She did her professional certifications in all the areas of expertise with the best of the gurus & began practicing the science of Tarot, Crystal, Vaastu, Pranic Healing. 

As a certified life coach, Sangeeta Ranka, the founder of Healings with Sangeeta, has established a niche place for herself after working with clients across geographies. Her expertise lies in Conflict management, developing Leadership skills, Adolescents dilemmas, and Career counseling.

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Lightseeker's way

Helena Clare McLeod is a well-established international development leader, author, speaker, spiritual coach, and mother. Her forte frequently uses meditation and visualization to guide the seekers and connect them to their divine guidance. Her spirituality & guiding wing, Lightseeker’s Way provides a 7 day Angel challenge course that connects you to your guardian angel and works with the ArchAngels and spirit guides that will help you to grow and prosper in your life.

Website: https://lightseekersway.com/

Amit Rastogi

Amit Rastogi, a Holistic Healer, New code NLP practitioner, and Life Coach. His primary purpose in life is to help people so that they can overcome their suffering and fears to become the best version of themselves. Amit believes in providing holistic solutions to clients and turning their lives by altering their belief systems. He provides Reiki, Chakra Healing, Goal setting and Manifestation, Aura cleansing, and more healing services.

Website: https://www.wellnessexclusive.com
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Vi Prime Health and Beauty

Vi Prime Health and Beauty is a Tamil Nadu-based health and beauty products company. Backed up by science, VI Prime Health and Beauty products are developed as utmost healthy foods supplements. Vi Prime aims to make products that respect the holy environment of the body along with a healthier & sustainable way of life. 

Website: https://www.viprimehealthandbeauty.com
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Aman Deep Saini is an IT Professional, qualified, and an expert in Indian Vedic Astrology. He follows a Systems Approach to Vedic Astrology (SATVA).  With AstroSatva, you can gain ample astrological knowledge and enhance your predictive skills. AstroSatva not only makes learning astrology interesting but is cost-friendly as well.
Website: https://astrosatva.com
YSR Presenter Logo

Bina Shriram

Bina Shriram is a Healer, Life Skills Coach, and Spiritual Master. Bina has given people new insights and perspectives, guided them in finding solutions to their challenging problems, helped them achieve their goals, and empowered them to lead better lives. Helping people navigate through the complexities of life, her unique understanding of the laws of the Universe distinguishes her from the rest.  So now you have the opportunity to revive your life and live your life to the fullest with Bina Shriram.

Website: https://binashriram.com/

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Insights & growth

Laila Ahmed is one of the most renowned Intuitive Trainer & Therapists. Insights & growth is the medium through which she connects & associates with seekers & spiritual enthusiasts. She has developed a process to assist in opening the Intuitive channels with her simplistic approach. She brings holistic advantage to the healing processes through her keen understanding of several alternative therapies—the most remarkable healing without medicines. She is closely involved with Corporates, Educational Institutes, NGOs, and individuals through her Intuitive Training Programs. 

Website: http://www.insightsandgrowth.com/
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National Institute of Health and Wellness is an International Institute that teaches you about hair, health, and beauty. E.Carolin Praba, a certified Trichologist by profession, founded this International School. One of the main benefits of joining NIHAWS is that you can become a member of the Complementary Medical Association, UK. NIHAWS is a globally recognized institute and is available online too. Also, you get a lifetime subscription to the courses with just a single payment. Courses offered are- Hair mineral analysis, Naturopathy, Aromat, Hairdressing, Trichology, Beauty therapy. 

Website: https://nihaws.com/
Sigfa Solutions - Your Spiritual Revolution

Sigfa Solution

SIGFA stands for Spiritual Incorporeal God Father Almighty. Sigfa Solutions uses Psycho Neurobics, an advanced healing technique used to understand your mind and body in detail to improve your health and well-being. Binny Chauhan, the backbone of Sigfa Solutions, is a Master Trainer in Psycho Neurobics, the fastest Alternative therapy, and is a Health & Wellbeing Specialist with ten years of experience. Binny Chauhan is an Electrical Engineer & has completed her MSc and PhD in Psycho Neurobics. 

Website: https://www.sigfasolutions.com/
Akshar Urja marm yog

Akshar Urja Marm Yog- Shrimant Zarekar

Shrimant Zarekar is a Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, and an NLP Practitioner. With over 37 years of robust experience in practicing various mantras, tantras, and yantras, he believes that it is crucial to create the correct frequencies of mantras to live a healthy life. Shrimant Zarekar has received the Diksha from various gurus, like Vamnarao Gulwani Maharaj, Sri Nikhileshwaranand Maharaj, Kriya yoga, Kundalini Jagruti, Dhyan Yoga, Mantra Yoga, etc. He wants to teach the power of Mantras, Tantras, Yantras, and the science behind them.

Website:  https://srimantrashastra.com/

YSR Presenter Logo


BioWave offers a holistic solution to combat Anxiety, Treat Insomnia, Depression through Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation also known as CES Therapy. The BioWave CES is a portable handy device that passes electric currents to treat stress & stress-related disorders especially depression, anxiety & insomnia. The solutions offered by BioWave also improve minds ability to relax and stabilizes mental health. To learn more about the services offered by BioWave, click on the given website.

Website: https://biowaveces.com/


BioZap is a technical wing that offers aid to seekers looking for sound therapy or bio-resonance healing with various products, applications & software. It works on bio-resonance healing & sound therapy to activate & revitalize the cells. Click on the given link to enquire about the products, applications & services that help you align the frequencies & vibrations through sound therapy, quantum healing, & bio-resonance healing.

Website: https://yourspiritualrevolution.org/biozapv3-enquiry/

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Canvas Saga

Sonal Khakhar is a self-learned artist who paints through different mediums. Her paintings are simple, subtle, and creative. Moreover, her paintings express various ideologies which can inspire & motivate you in life. With Canvas Saga, Sonal has curated space for creative minds and art connoisseurs.

Jogani wellness_Logo

Jogani Wellness

Jogani Wellness was founded by the wellness expert and entrepreneur Mahesh Jogani, who aims to promote the modernization of age-old Indian traditional wellness remedies. He is one of the recognized wellness experts and entrepreneurs in India. Their prime mission is to harmonize nature and urban lifestyle with the use of natural living and traditional alternative therapies for holistic wellbeing

Website: https://www.joganiwellness.com/

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Joy Essence Moment

With time anxiety and stress have become a part of our everyday life. We are so used to it that we don’t even realize that we are stressed. But now it’s time to get rid of stress and anxiety through the Joy essence movement. You can get Psychological support as well as counselling to reduce the strain on your mind. Or you can learn meditation, a very effective way to free your mind. Joy essence movement also helps you through Pranic healing, Light language healing, Behavior therapy, along with Hypnotherapy. And if you are curious about your future, you can go for Tarot & Oracle card Reading. As the world is now digitalizing, you can access the services of the Joy essence movement on your mobile or laptop.

Website: https://joyessencemovement.com/
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Mystic World Within

Suman Razdan is an MBA graduate who turned into a Spiritual Healer and sowed the seeds of ‘Mystic World Within US’. She is a Certified Professional in Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Metaphoric Regression Modalities. Along with this, she is also a Reiki healer, Tarot Reader, and Vedic Astrologer. Mystic-world was established to help people to cure their ailments from within. They help you with Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistics Programming, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, and overcoming Past life regression. 

To sum it up, the Expo was enlightening and beneficial for the health and wellbeing of an individual. Visitors got insights into Reiki, Astrology, Sound Healing techniques, graphology, manifestation, health products and services, meditation, and so much more.

Website: https://mysticworldwithinus.in/
YSR Presenter Logo

Toshni Institute

Dr. Kirti is a Certified Hypnotherapist from the California Hypnosis Institute of India. She is also a Theta Healer, Family Constellation & Past life Regression Therapist. Toshni Institute of holistic healing gives you the Aroma oils for healing. You can also choose and learn from the various courses offered by Toshini Institute, such as Self Hypnosis, Stress management, Tarot card training, Angel card reading, Anger management, Chakra, Forgiveness to Love, Manifesting Abundance, and Prosperity.  

Website: https://www.toshniinstitute.com/
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Elyse Hanselman, a Certified Essential Oil Specialist, Medicine Cabinet Makeover, Founded the dōTERRA® Essential oils. dōTERRA® Essential Oils are All-natural products that are intensively tested to revive your health and are safe for all your loved ones.

Neha founded the UNIMO Universe of Moms, the world’s largest community of moms, She is a manifestation coach with expertise in money manifestation. With many awards to her credit, 

She is also a Fb Blueprint Certified badge holder as a Community Manager and a Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associate. 

YSR Presenter Logo

The Wise Oak

Pooja Agarwal Shaikh is an Intuitive Healer, Master NLP Practitioner, Success Coach & Tarot Card Reader. She is the founder of “THE WISE OAK”, a unique platform that allows you to connect with your soul and assist you in directing the positive energy from within.  She works on developing and aligning your belief system caused due to emotional traumas and curing deep-rooted issues. With seven years of learning experience and getting certified as a Holistic Healer, Pooja thought to give this field a platform & brought in “The Wise Oak” to heal people with the help of her Intuitive Gifts and Transformational Emotional Healing Workshops.

Website: https://www.thewiseoakbypooja.com

Enquire Now

YSR Presenter Logo

Integral Healing

Your Spiritual Revolution offers Integral Healing Services curated by using ancient wisdom & modern science. The energy healing modalities offered by YSR work on a holistic approach. With quick relief to a life-long positive impact on all aspects of health, all these healing modalities aim to give the seeker relief from all kinds of blockages & imbalances. Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, Reiki healing, Emotion Code, Body Code, Pranic healing, Quantum healing, Spiritual Healing are some energy healing modalities used for Integral Health & wellness healing, Integral Career & abundance healing, Integral Relationship healing, Integral Home & Office healing, Integral Spiritual Evolution. Head to the website for further details & take your step towards the ultimate spiritual journey now! 

Website: https://yourspiritualrevolution.org/