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Your Spiritual Revolution was founded by Amitt Parikh in 2007 and has been published as a monthly eMagazine. In 2021 Your Spiritual Revolution started offering unique integral healing services and products for the wellness of mind, body and soul.

All our healers are personally selected and vetted by founder Amitt Parikh, and we work with only advanced healers having several years of professional experience, successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved.

Amitt Parikh is a modern mystic, an author, an intuitive life coach and above all a seeker of The Truth. He has 25 years of experience in the IT industry and has been on the spiritual journey for the past 3 decades working with diverse healing modalities and belief systems of East and West under various masters.

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what we do

1. Integral Healing Service

We, at Your Spiritual Revolution, provide spiritual & integral healing offered by our worldwide renowned & expert healers that assist the seekers with balancing the mind, body & soul. Our Integral healing modalities use cosmic energy & guide the seekers towards positivity, repels negativity & makes you a magnet that attracts abundance & prosperity.

2. Energy Cleansing & Healing Products

Your Spiritual Revolution now makes energy cleaning of the places your soul resides & rests easier with an energy cleansing & healing kit. These energy healing stones & crystals use cosmic energy to overcome blockages & heal the imbalances. It detoxifies the environment, throws out blocked energies making it pure & positive.

3. Spiritual Resources

Along with Integral Healing, Your Spiritual Revolution also offers resources that encourage spiritual growth & revolution. Blogs, Videos, eBooks, Guided Meditations, Guide Books, eMagazines, etc through different media & channels, Your Spiritual Revolution keeps it up with digitalization & assists spiritual seekers with insights of spirituality & knowledge globally.

why choose us?

Team of Experts

All our healers are personally selected and tested by founder Amitt Parikh. Healers with professional experience spanning years and recorded successful healings apart from being highly spiritually evolved are associated with Your Spiritual Revolution for Integral Healings.

A Unique Set of Services

We, at Your Spiritual Revolution, offer ancient energy healing modalities with a spark of modern approach & technology with an aim to offer transformation in health aspects, overall well being & balance the mind, body & soul.

Quality & Commitment Driven

We firmly believe in providing the best of the universe to our seekers & leading them towards the ultimate spiritual evolution. Your Spiritual Revolution’s offer Integral Healing offered by our expert healers, highly spiritual resources & energy cleaning through crystals & stones. These benefitting services are committed to leading the mind, body & soul of the seeker closer towards higher consciousness.

Assured Energy Healing

To help the seeker lead towards spiritual evolution & make them experience integral healing is our primary goal. Hence, we assure the energy cleansing, balancing & positive transformation of the mind, body & soul through our Integral healing. Our healers put in force the cosmic energy that induces positivity, overcomes chronic pains & sickness, repels negativity & balances physical, mental & emotional aspects of health.

Integral Healing

To truly harness the power of healing, You need to experience it. Transform your life by removing all kinds of mental & physical blockage. Unleash the miraculous secret of energy healing with us and discover your new self.