Hema Singh

Mrs. Hema Singh, a gifted Tarot Reader, Crystal healer, and an avid Numerologist. With her profound insight and intuitive abilities, she guides individuals on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Through Tarot reading, Hema Singh unveils the hidden truths and empowers her clients to make confident decisions. As a skilled crystal healer, she utilizes the energies of crystal to promote the healing and balance of individuals. With Numerology, she deciphers the significance of numbers, shedding light on life’s path and potential. Compassionate and empathetic, she creates a nurturing space for personal growth and empowerment. Come … Experience the enchanting wisdom of Hema Singh’s mystical art and embark on a journey of illumination.

Tarot Card reading:

Half an hour session (unlimited questions) - 1100 /-
One-hour session (unlimited questions) - 2100 /-
Per question via WhatsApp chat (yes/no) 250 /-

Crystal & Rudraksha Suggestion:

Crystal Suggestion (per person) - 1001/-
Rudraksha Suggestion (per person) - 1001/-


Individual Name correction - 1001/-
Business Name correction - 1001 /-
Mobile name correction - 501/-
House number suggestion - 501/-
Vehicle number Suggestion - 501/-

Candle Spells:

Candle spell for relationship - 6501/-
Candle spell for money and Abundance -5501/-
Candle spell for buying property - 6501/-
Candle spell for Job - 5501/-
Candle spell for getting married - 6501/-

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