Nnidhi K Mehta

I am a Semi Qualified CA and a Law Student by profession. I started my spiritual journey 1.8 yrs back though I had a calling for it since a very long time. I have clients from various cities of India and those living in USA, Canada & Australia!

I try to help in the following ways: –
Tarot card reading- Helps one to know the possibilities of things happening in the near future, based on the current situation. This helps one to stay prepared for what’s coming their way, rather than being completely taken aback without any guards.

Crystal Therapy- It provides a push to achieve one’s desired goal. Works wonders for manifesting a job promotion, good health, expansion in business, protection from negativity, evil eye or remove marital issues etc.

Numerology- It’s the science of numbers which has alot to do with one’s life and can be very helpul to find solutions for the difficulties faced either by way of name correction/house number correction/new mobile number etc.


Couple Numerology Report - INR 8000/-

It includes-
1. Mobile number suggestion
2. Name spelling suggestion
3. Missing number remedies
4. Predictions on Mahadasha and Antardasha
5. Vehicle number suggestion
6. House number suggestion
7. Office number suggestions
8. Suggestions on line of work/profession, food, and health
9. Crystal suggestions
10. Password suggestions
11. Partner matchmaking
12. Lucky number, color, days
The above session also includes a 1 hr detailed session on numerology to understand the client's needs and explain the report.

Numerology rates -
Mobile number suggestion - ₹1500
Name spelling correction - ₹1200
Missing number remedy - ₹699
Predictions on Mahadasha Antardasha- ₹1500
Vehicle number suggestion - ₹750
House number/ Office number suggestion - ₹750 each

Tarot Reading:

a. INR 800 for one person, unlimited questions during the session (15 min),
b. INR 1200 for one person, unlimited questions during the session (30 min),
c. INR 1600 for one person, unlimited questions during the session (45 min),
d. INR 2000 for one person, unlimited questions during the session (1 hr)
and if the session exceeds 1 hr, then ₹200 per 10 min of the excess time.

Crystal Therapy:

Crystal Therapy sessions starts from INR 400/- onwards.

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