Piyush Rathi

I am an Associated Certified Pranic Healer, Crystal Healer, and a GMCKS Basic Pranic Healer Instructor, registered under world pranic healing, Manila. As a businessman, I did not believe in healing earlier, but somehow I ended up doing a basic course in healing and healed my dad for his cough and cold.  I successfully even healed my younger brother who was suffering from a food allergy, and was almost healed within a week. Slowly I devolved an interest in Pranic Healing, now it’s almost 7+ yrs, and I am practicing Pranic Healing. With divine guidance and my Guru, I have treated people with fever, Cancer, Covid19, migraine, high BP, diabetes, a broken bone, impotency, etc. I do psychotherapy healing also like depression, addiction, anger, anxiety, grief, etc. Pranic Healing works like a miracle, one can also learn this simple technique. I feel really blessed when patients thank me after getting completely cured. With a successful track record, this is a no-touch, no-medicine therapy, which can be given distantly also, anywhere in the world.

Pranic Healing:

Simple Ailments - 500-800/- per session

Severe Ailments - 1200-1500/- per session

Any emergency healing - 2500/- per session

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