Reiki Healing Course

Learn the art to heal & transform your life
with the power of energies forever!

About YSR

Your Spiritual Revolution stands as a platform between seekers & healers across the globe. It strives to assist the seekers with an opportunity that aids with spiritual awakening & growth.

Your Spiritual Revolution, a spiritual venture established by Amitt Parikh offers unique energy healing modalities for the wellness of mind, body & soul curated by various experienced & skilled energy healers across the globe. These healers & coaches are personally vetted by Mr. Amitt Parikh.

Amitt Parikh, a modern mystic, with his spiritual knowledge & experience, lays his learnings and put in force the highly reliable source for other seekers & enthusiasts across the globe.

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reiki healing benefits

Benefits of Reiki Healing Course

"Reiki makes the way to the person who needs it. If you’re here, maybe it is the sign from the universe & here is an opportunity to transform your life!"

Learning Reiki healing helps you attain the ability to heal yourself as well as other energy & souls around you.

Self-learning Reiki will help you gather the energy that a spirit needs to channel consciousness & the inner-self.

Leading the right energy, understanding & practising reiki learned through Self-learning opens doors for positivity, prosperity, health & wealth abundance.

Distance-attunement at all levels

Learn from your own comfort

Certification upon course completion

What does this course include?

Reiki is already present in the body and is an integral part of the mind, body & soul. All you need is the right energy & guidance to activate it & bring it in force. With the Reiki Healing program from Your Spiritual Revolution, you will learn about reiki healing, chakra balancing, aura cleansing & various ways to heal yourself & other spiritual seekers around.

This course includes Distance Attunement at all levels, learning resources & guidance over WhatsApp, & personal communication with the Reiki Grandmaster.

Reiki Healing course is divided into 3 Levels.

Reiki Level I

Your Spiritual Revolution’s Level 1 Reiki Healing Course is fit for beginners. It offers diversified knowledge in the field of energy healing. Introducing reiki & its benefits it is attained with sheer dedication, concentration & meditation.
In This Course You Will Learn:-
After completion, you will be awarded a Certificate

Price: ₹2999

(Incl. 18% GST)

Reiki Level I + II

Your Spiritual Revolution’s Level 2 of Reiki Healing course is for intermediaries, who are keen to learn about Reiki & its diversity more! Students who have completed Level 1 are eligible for level 2 along with seekers who want to expand their existing knowledge in the field of reiki healing.
In This Course You Will Learn:-
After completion, you will be awarded a Certificate

Price: ₹4999

(Incl. 18% GST)

Reiki Level I + II + III

Your Spiritual Revolution’s Level 3 course offers the master level reiki healing learnings. It includes the syllabus covered under level 1 & level 2 along with an in-depth understanding & knowledge of how to heal others through Reiki healing and how to offer attunements to others.
In This Course You Will Learn:-
After completion, you will be awarded a Certificate

Price: ₹6999

(Incl. 18% GST)

Get these 7 chakra stones free on enrolling for given plans
and amplify the energy to heal

(Reiki Healing Lvl I + II)
(Reiki Healing Lvl I + II + III)



How this works?


I + II

I + II + II

After completing the 21 days self- healing reiki course & attaining the attunement, the student will be rewarded with Course Completion Certificate.

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The aim of this course is to:
Your Spiritual Revolutions stands as a firm pillar that aids with the spiritual awakening & growth of all the spiritual seekers & enthusiasts across the globe. Keeping up with that ideology, Your Spiritual Revolution strives to make learning Reiki accessible in a hassle-free way.

With 3 levels to learn with proper guidance & support; this course aims to offer in-depth spiritual knowledge of the most ancient form of energy healing, Reiki. 

It assures to impart the wisdom that encourages wellness of mind, body & soul along with spiritual growth.

Learning reiki gives a deep understanding of life, the world & the universe. Hence, this course will successfully help with transforming life & will also offer the ability to heal the imbalances of their own as well as other restless souls.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to learn the art that transforms life through energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every student will be rewarded with a certificate post completion of the course.

A twenty minutes distance attunement will be scheduled.

A 15 pages course manual will be shipped to the student’s place wherein voice notes explaining the procedure will be sent via WhatsApp.

The course is evenly distributed for all types of learners. Beginners can start from level 1 & learners with mediocre knowledge can join intermediate levels. The course is fit for anyone & everyone, hence, anyone with a keen interest in spirituality & reiki classes online can register for this course.

The online reiki course from Your Spiritual Revolution is curated in a comprehensive form. Along with reiki healing, this course also offers insights into various other energy healing modalities like aura healing, chakra balancing, etc.