Surround yourself with aromatic vibes and the healing energy of candles by Your Spiritual Revolution. The warmth of the luminous candles will boost your energy, lift your spirits and help you unwind, relax and de-stress. Not only it will cleanse away negativity but will also enhance your mood and spread good vibes with its delightful aroma. Get our handcrafted & sustainable aromatic candles made from natural soy wax, infused with natural crystals and programmed with the right intentions to light up your space with lush fragrance and welcome positivity, love and happiness into your life.

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The crystal and healing candles will balance your chakra and magnify healing energy to help you release blockages. The candle can also help you manifest and visualize your desires by drawing away negative thoughts, fear, doubts and mind-chatter. Candles resonate with peace, love and harmony. It represents the element fire which also stands for transformation. Fire means burning of negative and bad energies and welcoming new changes. It carries transformational energy that we can channel in the right direction to achieve desired results. Lighting up candles also helps in deeply connecting with the spiritual world. It can help to concentrate during meditation and connect with higher consciousness.

Our beautiful glass candles make for an ideal addition to home decor. Light up your space or corner of your living room or bedroom. The aromatic candle will not only up the aesthetic vibe but also welcome positive energy. Candles have a soothing aura that can reduce stress, and tension and brighten up your mood. It makes for an excellent gift for your family, friends and loved ones. The lush candles make for a thoughtful gift as it is set with blessings and the right intentions.

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