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Brighten your room with the healing energy of crystals and gemstones from Your Spiritual Revolution’s exclusive crystal home decor collection. We have curated a wide range of natural gemstones and decorative healing crystals artefacts that will not only enhance your interiors but also bring in positive energy. The healing crystals for room decor are spiritually charged that will uplift the vibration, transform the energy, balance the chakras & cleanse the aura. Place the crystal decorative items at your home, office, shop or workplace and attract good luck, joy, success, money, wealth and prosperity.

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Tibetan Singing Bowl 01
24% Off

Tibetan Singing Bowl

evil eye car hanging
47% Off

Selenite Evil Eye Hanging

Selenite Car Hanging Your Spiritual Revolution - Image 01
41% Off

Selenite & Black Tourmaline Hanging

Himalayan Salt Natural Lamp - Website Image (5)
25%-24% Off

Himalayan Salt Natural Lamp

7 Chakra Hanging
37% Off

Seven Chakra Tumble Car Hanging

Wealth Tree Green Jade Citrine Tiger’s Eye Green Aventurine
38% Off

Wealth Crystal Tree

Seven Chakra Tree Gemstones
38% Off

Seven Chakra Crystal Tree

Amethyst Natural Crystal Tree
38% Off

Amethyst Tree

Lapis Lazuli Natural Gemstone
38% Off

Lapis Lazuli Tree

Green Aventurine 300 Beads Tree
38% Off

Green Aventurine Beads Tree

himalayan Salt
45% Off

Himalayan Salt Candle Holder


Our collection features a wide range of crystal decorative items like good luck gemstones trees, natural Himalayan salt lamps, crystal hanging decor and a lot more. All of our spiritual crystals for room decor are handcrafted using natural stones. The crystals are being used for centuries to improve well-being, remove negative energy, boost immunity and attract money and prosperity. Enhance your room with striking and gorgeous crystals room decor and fill your space with healing & positive energy. You can also hang the beautiful decorative healing crystals hanging at your door, car or room to ward off negative energy and protect from the evil eye

In Vastu & Feng Shui, the crystals and gemstones are considered lucky charms that can bring abundance, positive energy and heal life imbalances. Keeping it close as crystal room decor can enhance your mind, remove blockages and help overcome fears. The powerful & unique healing properties of decorative healing crystals can also balance the body’s energy flow & provide protection from negative energies. The crystal decorative items also make for an excellent gift for your loved ones, family and friends. The healing crystal room decor possesses energy that will protect them against negative energy and the evil eye.

Style your home with the best decorative healing crystals now and harmonise your mind, body & soul with their healing energies. Remove negative energy, cleanse surroundings, balance chakras, improve well-being and invite money, good luck, wealth, happiness and positive energy. Place the healing crystals room decor items at your home now and pave the way for health, wealth & prosperity.

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