Re-energise your surroundings with the healing energy of the crystal Vastu pyramid from Your Spiritual Revolution’s exclusive orgone energy pyramid collection. Keep the Vastu pyramid at your home, office, shop or anywhere near you and transform the energy around you. The Vaastu pyramid will cleanse the aura, remove negative energy and instil a sense of peace and tranquillity. 

According to Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, pyramids made of crystals and gemstones is considered lucky charms that can bring abundance, positive energy and heal life imbalances. Keeping the Vastu pyramid in the house will help solve financial problems and attract good luck and money. Place the Vastu pyramid where you spend most of your time and allow its healing energy to clear all the blockages. Buy this crystal pyramid for Vastu online for Vastu correction and removing bad energy.

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The magnificent crystal orgone Vastu pyramid produces life-force energy that can unblock all the chakras, bring harmony & improve wellness. The orgone energy holds power to cleanse harmful electromagnetic waves. The vibrant grounding crystals and gemstones of the Vaastu Pyramid brings harmony and improve wellness with healing bio-energy. The striking Vastu pyramid emanates positive vibrations from orgone energy that cleanses harmful electromagnetic waves. The word orgone is derived from life force energy & is also known as Chi, Prana, Ether. It is often used for combatting EMF pollution, cell phone tower radiation & clearing negative energies in homes, and spiritual and healing rituals. The healing effect of pyramid stone Vastu will bring balance to your chakra energy, remove blockages, enhance sleep & improve overall wellbeing. 

Charged with healing energy, place the Vastu pyramid online for elegant and stunning room decor. It will light up any space with bright healing energy. The Vaastu pyramid made with beautiful crystals and stones will not only heal but also transform the aura of your home. All of our spiritual crystals are handcrafted using natural stones. The crystals are being used for centuries to improve well-being, remove negative energy, boost immunity and attract money and prosperity. Enhance your room with a striking and gorgeous Vaastu pyramid and fill your space with healing & positive energy. 

Every stone has its own unique and special energy that will work on various factors; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The Vastu pyramid made of spiritual crystals can amplify their energy when you set it with the right intentions. Use your Vastu Pyramid to manifest and set clear thoughts to fulfil your goals and dreams. You can also use it to visualize higher goals and during meditational and healing practices. Shop Vastu pyramid online for your home to repel negative energy & infuse positivity. With the ability to channel, absorb & transfer energy, placing this anywhere will allow the energy flow and clear blockages.

With a wide range of variety to choose from, Your Spiritual Revolution offers aid in the form of a Vastu pyramid for various hardships. Bring home energetically charged pyramid yantra and charge the environment of your home with positive energy. Use as home decors or energy cleansers, transform the energy & keep the environment radiant & pristine.

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