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deep alpha waves for relaxation with bird sounds

Deep Alpha Waves for Relaxation with Bird Sounds

25 Minutes – Use headphones
delta waves for meditation with underwater sounds

Delta Waves for Meditation With Underwater Sounds

Isochronic Tones – 60 Minutes – Headphones not needed
energizing gamma waves session

Energizing Gamma Waves Session

35 Minutes – Use Headphones


the mysterious one book cover image

Conversations with The Mysterious One - Volume One

Religion or Spirituality? Faith or Science? Oneness or individuality? Death...

Guided Meditation

body scan and relaxation

Body Scan & Relaxation

10 Min
root chakra

1st Root Chakra Meditation

15 Min


don’t believe a thought you think!

Don't Believe A Thought You Think!

Discover How To Become Unstoppable No MatterWhat… So That Success...
the ultimate life makeover class

The Ultimate Life Makeover Class

A Simple 7 Step System To Design And CreateYour Ultimate...