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5 Best Techniques To Meditate With Spiritual Crystals

Are you tired of meditating with little to no results? There are plenty of people who meditate regularly, but they don’t see results. However, you can get real results from meditating simply using spiritual crystals. Meditating with spiritual crystals can amplify the energy and the power of your regular meditative practice.

In this article, you will find out how spiritual crystals can help you achieve deeper states of meditation, and you will also learn how to meditate using crystals along with 5 specific crystal meditation techniques.

What Are Spiritual Crystals?

Let’s start with the most important question: what are spiritual crystals? Spiritual crystals are naturally formed crystals that emit positive and uplifting energy. Stones such as quartz, amethyst, agate, and opal can be very powerful crystals. Quartz, such as clear quartz, citrine, and rose quartz, are great for manifesting spiritual powers, peace, and abundance of love and success when used during meditation.
Techniques To Meditate With Spiritual Crystals

How To Prepare For Crystal Meditation?

It is easy to prepare for crystal meditation; first, you need to choose the crystals based on your goal of meditation. For example, citrine can be best used for meditation when you are meditating with the goal of changes and improvement in your financial success.

Similarly, rose quartz can help improve your love life and also help you attain emotional balance. You can easily find details about crystals and their effect online.

Once you have decided on the spiritual crystal for meditation, it’s time to set up your meditation place in a way where the crystal can be placed safely in a designated area and easily accessible to you.

5 Best Techniques for Meditating with Spiritual Crystals

Use these spiritual meditation techniques with an open heart and allow yourself to flow with the meditative practice without expecting a lot right away. It’s best to be surprised by the results you get when you are not expecting them. These meditation techniques range from visualization, chakra balancing, and healing to affirming meditations. You can try them all and see what feels the best way to meditate for you.
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Technique 1: Crystal Grid Meditation

This is one of the most powerful techniques for meditating with crystals. You will need to do a little bit of learning to make crystal grids. These grids are geometric grid patterns, and crystals are placed in this pattern in harmony to enhance their power.

It’s best when you have multiple goals and wish to use different crystals together. Most people prefer to make an “intuitive crystal grid,” and there are no particular rules for how to make them. You can create the grid based on your goal priority, or by placing the crystals you feel most drawn to the closest.

Technique 2: Crystal Visualization Meditation

In this meditation technique, you can either use a guided meditation or learn the basics of meditation visualization techniques. The simplest way to meditate is by visualizing your goals while holding the crystal in the palm of your hand.

This alternative visualization can feel difficult, but if you have been meditating for some time now, then you can try this. This can be considered as open-eye meditation. In this meditation, you will be looking in the crystal while focusing on seeing the visions on the crystal instead of visualizing with your eyes closed.

Technique 3: Chakra Balancing with Crystals

Crystals can be incredible for chakra balancing and healing. There are many different spiritual crystals that resonate and respond with each chakra. You can use a pendant or a bracelet with 7 crystals or place these 7 crystals right in front of you while meditating.

Technique 4: Crystal Energy Healing Meditation

There are many ways a crystal energy healing meditation can be done, but this is the simplest and easiest to try. Set your intention for healing and visualize or feel that the spiritual crystal you are holding in your hand is emitting healing light. You can also do this when keeping your eyes closed or by focusing on the crystal while keeping your eyes open.
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Technique 5: Crystal Affirmation Meditation

This meditation technique can be done in two ways. In my experience, the first one is more effective.

  1. Hold the crystal of your choice in your hand. Repeat that one affirmation you believe in and relate to the most. Keep on repeating this affirmation in your head or out loud as you keep your gaze softly focused on the crystal in the meditative state.
  2. The second method is similar to the first, but this one doesn’t require you to repeat one affirmation. You can use affirmation audio with different positive affirmations and play it in the background as you meditate by focusing on the crystal.

Deepening Your Connection with Spiritual Crystals

When you first get your spiritual crystal, it’s possible that you may not feel its energy or not feel as connected to the crystal as you want. There are a few ways you can activate and deepen that connection with the crystal.

Observe and look at the crystal closely. This will help you see the beauty and imperfections of the crystal. A lot of the time, you may feel as if the crystal is telling you the story of its formation and how it came to be. Most spiritual crystals are already activated. However, if you still can’t feel their energy, you can cleanse it with pure water. Focusing on how the soothing cold and purity of the water is cleansing the crystal. Then, you can burn incense sticks and take the crystal in your hand, allowing the smoke of the incense sticks to energize the crystal.

In conclusion, crystal meditation is very powerful, and spiritual crystals can help you achieve results from your meditation practice a lot faster. It can not only help manifest your goals but also help you heal on physical and spiritual levels. Meditating with crystals is also a very empowering experience because of the different techniques used.
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