How To Stay Safe From Black Magic

How To Stay Safe From Black Magic

Through black magic removal, a person tries to fulfill his wishes and prove his selfishness by going to any extent or doing the work of harming someone. Bengal and Assam have been considered the stronghold of black magic. Through black magic, someone is imprisoned by someone, or someone can be controlled and made to do the desired work. Through black magic, one can be put under any illusion and even killed. Black magic creates negative energy in the body. These powers are sent by an external person which exerts an internal influence on that person. Black magic works psychologically. Black magicians get hold of your unconscious mind. It affects your mind. Black magic includes witchcraft, Vashikaran, castration, tolke, witchcraft, tricks, etc. Mostly it is also called Tantric Vidya.

Symptoms of Black Magic

First of all, know very well whether the person whom you suspect is suffering from any disease. Then see if any planet in that person’s horoscope is giving inauspicious results. If the horoscope and medical examination come true and there is no improvement in the condition of the person, then someone may have done a black magic tantra mantra on him.

  • The victim does not have control over himself. They can cause physical and mental harm to themselves and others.
  • According to the body of the person, more force comes in it.
  • Burning in his eyes, starts to remain indifferent and silent.
  • The victim becomes angry and irritable.
  • The face becomes dull and pale but there is more appetite.

Remedies To Remove Black Magic

  • Install a Siddha Mahakali Yantra in your home and keep lighting lamps and incense daily.
  • Mix mace, Gayatri, and saffron powder in Google and give incense in your home in the morning and evening continuously for 21 days.
  • Take four Gomti Chakra. Now cast off it from above the victim and throw it in all four directions. You should do this on a Wednesday, which falls in the Shukla Paksha.
  • Make incense by mixing camphor, yellow mustard, cow’s ghee, and guggul. You burn it every evening with cow dung and give incense. Do this activity for 21 days in every part of the house.
  • Sprinkle cow urine in the whole house every day.
  • Offer one areca nut (whole) to Ganesha every day.
  • Mix garlic juice and asafoetida. Now let the victim smell it.
  • Take the root of black datura. Make a talisman out of it and wear it to the victim on any Sunday.
  • Plant a basil plant in your home.
  • Mix five drops of honey in the cow’s raw milk in the evening. Now sprinkle it at every place in the house. After reaching the main entrance, drop the remaining milk there.
  • Every day the victim should recite Hanuman Chalisa. Along with this one should chant Gayatri Mantra 11 times.
  • Put cloves and camphor together in a silver bowl and burn them in the place of worship every night before sleeping.
  • Uproot the plant Datura along with its root in Pushya Nakshatra. Now press it in the ground in such a way that the whole plant goes inside the ground and only the root part remains above it. By adopting this trick, there is a feeling of happiness and peace in the house.
  • Recite Bajrang Baan on Saturday or Tuesday.
  • On the day of Shani Mangal, always meditate on Lord Hanuman and recite Sundarkand.
  • Decorate Hanuman Ji on Saturday and Tuesday and offer him a Chola.
  • Light two incense sticks for Mahakali every day in the morning and evening after being holy and pray to her for the protection of your body and home.
  • Keep seven leaves of the Ashoka tree in the temple of your home. Worship them and when they dry up, place new leaves in place of these leaves and keep the old leaves.
  • Make powder by grinding saffron and mace add guggulu to it and burn incense in the house in the morning and evening for 21 consecutive days.
  • Take four Gomti Chakras and cast off them in all four directions on the Wednesday of Shukla Paksha
  • Recite the miraculous verses of Hanuman Chalisa at home in front of the victim in the morning and evening.
  • Spray cow urine and Ganges water in your house regularly.
  • Plant Aak and Tulsi plants in the garden of the house.
  • Offer a whole betel nut to Ganesh ji daily and donate a bowl of food to the poor.
  • Mix asafoetida in garlic juice and make the victim smell it.
  • Make the victim recite Narayan Kavach.
  • Make an incense of cow’s ghee, yellow mustard, camphor, and Guggal and burn it with the help of cow dung cakes at sunset. Give this Dhuni in the house for 21 days.


According to the scriptures, worshipping Kaal Bhairav, Hanuman ji, and Kali Maa and chanting mantras gives quick results. If you also want to get rid of black magic, then know its remedies through online astrology consultation. Astrology will give you the mantra and its information to avoid black magic.
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