Is Astrology Still Relevant Today

Is Astrology Still Relevant Today?

Astrology being a superstitious practice is a perception many hold in today’s world. But more than that, the real question to ask is whether astrological insights and predictions hold true in the modern day and age.

A practice based on the positions and movements of celestial bodies, astrology is often used as a means to predict the future. This divinatory practice functions on the belief that planetary movements can influence people’s lives significantly while also having the ability to turn it around for good. From mundane life events to monumental changes, astrology can be used to predict and prepare for them all.

And it is no new phenomenon. The origins of the practice can be dated back to the ancient days in Mesopotamia, swiftly spreading to other parts of the world. Apart from being a widely used practice in India, it is also openly accepted in many other countries.More than a science, astrology is an avenue for people seeking to bring a connection to their past, present, and future. In the sea of information that you glean, what brings sense and clarity to the chaos is consulting the best astrologer in Bangalore you can find.

Is astrology really true?

This is a question we frequently hear from people everywhere. There is much debate over the accuracy and truth of astrology. A divinatory practice that requires intuition and an open mind, astrology is often considered a superstition. However, what many do not know is that renowned scientists back in the 17th century greatly esteemed astrology as a science. Astrology is also used or connoted in varied forms within many religious texts and beliefs. In fact, Taoism is widely known to be the influence behind zodiacs. Ever hear the phrase, “You’re such a capricorn!” spoken casually during a conversation? That is just another aspect of astrology. 

Zodiac signs, one  of the components of astrology, are an example of the acceptance that divinatory practices still see to this day. Widely resorted to and fervently talked about when discussing personalities, horoscope predictions have become a language of their own. 

No matter how you perceive astrology or what you think about it, the number of people that have experienced life-changing instances as a result of astrological predictions are too many to count. In fact, renowned astrologers like Sheelaa M Bajaj are also called upon during crucial times like the elections to share their insights and predictions regarding what is to come.

Further, the authenticity of the practice is also seen in the fact that a number of universities provide the means to attain advanced degrees in divinatory practices like astrology. 

Astrology and its evolution

Over the years, astrologers have incorporated newly discovered planets into the study, evolving with time. In a country like India where astrological charts are drawn right from birth, these incorporations have been a positive undertaking. Irrespective of the generation they belong to, people even in the modern world rely on divination and astrology with the utmost belief that these practices have all the answers they need. Consulting astrologers before every new start – whether in marriages, when buying a home, or considering a career – is still a tradition that lives on. Does this mean you can trust every astrologer that crosses your path? We fervently advise against it. Your life predictions are only as good as the astrologer you consult. Finding the best astrologer in Bangalore that you can is the key to gleaning insights into your life and decoding them wisely. Not consulting a true astrologer is also one of the reasons why many consider astrology a fraudulent practice.

Astrological perceptions and predictions

More often than not, astrological predictions are based on one’s date and place of birth. The positions of the planets and stars at the time of your birth are key indicators to your personality, your present life, and the future possibilities. But there’s more to it. While you cannot change where and when you are born, you can use the knowledge received through astrological readings to change the axis of your life into one that is more successful and fulfilling. When you are able to understand yourself better, inviting positivity and clarity in your life is much easier. These insights also give you a glimpse into the lives of others around you, changing your perceptions of them and strengthening your relationships with them.

While there will always be skeptics, a consultation with the best astrologer in Bangalore wouldn’t go amiss if you’re open to learning. Rather than basing your beliefs on biased opinions, you can experience the practice and its influence in your life yourselves before coming to a conclusion. 

If there are events in your life that you wish to make sense of, you can simply find a trusted astrologer for a quick reading or find ways to research more about it. No matter what you do, there is learning at the end of the path.

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