Powerful Mantras, Exploration Of Science Behind It.

Powerful Mantras, Exploration Of Science Behind It

Understanding the effects of mantras on the human brain, body, and whole DNA can be fascinating. It’s important to acknowledge the power of sound and frequencies as well as the five elements in nature called “Panchmahabhoots” as per ancient times.

Multiple studies present on the net prove that sounds have the power to affect all elements. This showcases the power of sound and frequencies.

To comprehend the benefits of the mantras and their effects on the functioning of the human brain, it is vital to understand that these mantras are not ordinary words. They are syllables, such as OM, lam, kleem, and hrim, created to invoke a Deity. The regular chanting, practice, and dedication associated with mantras can aid to achieve specific goals.

There are numerous studies conducted to determine the effects of chanting mantras on the human brain. Let’s find out with examples how mantras science works on mind and body differently.

Correlation of chanting OM and Neurohemo Dynamics

People who suffer from anxiety experience irregular and fast breathing patterns leading to restlessness and exhaustion. However, when they engage in regular chanting, they demonstrate changes in their brain and heartbeat patterns. Furthermore, regular chanting leads to more rhythmic, tuned, and synchronized heartbeats, only possible when the human heart is in a calm and relaxed state.

Humans with depression and epilepsy also showed improvement in their condition. Scientists were amused to see how OM chanting stimulates the Vagus nerve naturally. A Vagus nerve is the same nerve that doctors treat patients with depression and epilepsy.

In the same experiment individuals facing insomnia showed a substantial change in their sleeping pattern. All these experiments lead to the final conclusion – regularly practising chanting mantras helps the human brain to be at peace and attain calmness.

Logical Reasoning and Science behind chanting of a Mantra:-

According to ancient Sanatan Hindu scriptures, OM is the “Pranav mantra”. It is the cosmic sound of creation that enabled the creation of everything. All living and non-living creatures, along with the whole universe have the frequency of Om in them. Scientific evidence can be found in Schumann’s resonance. Individuals in the above experiments showed significant improvement overall and also in the functioning of the brain as well as focus. This is because the frequency of OM when chanted at 432 Hz relaxes the mind and opens the door to optimistic thinking. A large number of videos on YouTube are now available to use as support while chanting OM.

One of the study states – Neurohemo dynamics correlates chanting of OM. As per the studies, in the condition of chanting om, the brain is neither in an active nor inactive state. An individual’s brain is in a state which is likely to pronounce or vibrate like -ssssssss.

After experiencing the above, scientists were in confusion – the human brain showed inactivity in almost the majority of the brain parts. This included the Orbitofrontal cortex, Anterior Cingulate, Frontal Lobe, Hippocampus Gyri, Hippocampus, Amygdala, and others. Similar results are seen with other mantras and meditation practices. These practices are most likely to shut down the human brain to an extent where even after deactivation, the brain is still in a conscious state. This brain is processing information from the surrounding in a much better, focused, and precise manner.

To conclude, chanting mantras not only improves the efficiency of the brain but also the responsiveness becomes more calculated and accurate.
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