Spirituality: Essence of Human Life.

Spirituality: Essence of Human Life

Spirituality can help us in every aspect of our lives, many great saints understood this concept even before anything was discovered our Vedic scriptures are an essence which guides us on how to live our lives. Due to modern times, we have forgotten that we have a strong connection with God and he is the supreme master of all causes; why? People are becoming restless just because we have lost balance in our life. 

Today, relationships are scattered like hay in a large field and no one is bothered to pick up this hay and bind them together some of us meditate just to establish that utmost connection with God, we are stressed running behind temporary things our thoughts are not constant we are more involved in proving people the things which we want show them. 

Life is becoming difficult without spirituality we have forgotten how to be stress-free everyone shows that we are happy and satisfied from the outside but, there is a huge storm hiding deep inside everyone’s mind which can only be stopped by taking the support of spirituality. 

We don’t know what our purpose in life is, we are lost in a huge forest filled with darkness it cannot be possible without spirituality as our answers will be easily available to us; not only spirituality can help you in finding answers but also it can help in getting over depression, anxiety and stress often, people try to commit suicide because they are unable to handle these stressful situations and they easily give up but when a person is on a higher spiritual note then he or she can easily cope up with negative feelings and slowly and steadily there will be an emergence of positive vibes from that person. 

Prayer works for both young and old alike sharing your feelings in front of God is another form of expression as praying every day makes a human being more grateful and then he or she starts thanking God for whatever they have in life. Spirituality is an essence of human life because it leads to better health conditions, helps an individual in developing greater psychological well–being, leads to lesser rates of depression and mood swings, releases hyper tension and invokes more positive feelings and provides superior ability to handle stress. Spirituality is a whole lot of different and personal experiences some may define spirituality as attaining higher self – satisfaction or being less stressed and happy from within. As food is incomplete without salt similarly, life is incomplete without spirituality there needs to be a proper balance between spirituality and personal life issues meditation adds another step towards spirituality and it also helps in calming down a person’s thoughts. 

We often confuse spirituality with religion even if we address the term ‘spirituality’ then people get terrified and say we are not at all religious it’s not about religion always spirituality is generally experienced and is expressed individually ineptness of spirituality generally differs from person to person. 

It can differ from a person’s ethnic origin, cultural beliefs, and environment it can also differ in the same broad cultures; it aims in invoking a feeling of peace, awe, contentment, gratitude and acceptance. According to Charles Filmore, our body has twelve powers – faith, wisdom, enthusiasm, power, imagination, understanding, love, order, life, strength, release and will. 

There are five major characteristics of spirituality which include – meaning, value, transcendence, connecting with one’s self and others, God/supreme power and the environment, and becoming the growth and progress in life. Once, a person tries to attain a higher form of spirituality then he or she experiences a certain change in their behaviour and actions they feel better and are able to relate with themselves in a better way than before they don’t feel stuck in the cage of their emotions they act as a free bird in the sky filled with opportunities. 

A person engrossed in spirituality, experiences confidence, self-esteem, and self – control they learn the art of mastering their emotions and uplifting themselves from a material background, whenever a person is unwell then he/she will have a different ability of inner strength which will result in a fast recovery. Not only does spirituality provides a living self- guide for living a stress-free life but also it helps human being in understanding their responsibility towards nature and fellow mates around us, spirituality has a different form of essence because it is also, linked with recovery there are many people around the world who have undergone worst stages in their life and coping up with that situation and the stage wasn’t easy for them at all so, they adopted the path of spirituality which motivated them in coming out of that scary situation or nightmare and becoming a better individual in life. 

There are seven ways by which you can increase your spiritual health naturally – 

  • By exploring your spiritual core- it means you will be more open to asking questions about yourself. 
  • By looking for deeper meanings in life you can change your perspectives on life. 
  • Get out of the web of emotions and engage yourself in some fruitful and distracting work. 
  • Try Yoga by doing yoga you can calm your body instantly and divert the way of negative thoughts. 
  • Travelling helps in coming out of the box as it helps in connecting with new people. 
  • Think positively we all fear and we constantly think about the outcomes in life if we think positively then every small problem can be solved. 
  • Taking out time for self-care and self-enrichment is important in order to stay happy you need to pamper yourself. 

“Spirituality is more than an experience it’s a journey of mankind and a path towards self – satisfaction.” 

About the Author:

Palak Chauhan is a 19-year-old girl pursuing a career in journalism and mass communication from Amity University Mumbai. She is an aspiring writer and has been writing since a very young age. She has her own website where she publishes poetry, quotes, stories and articles. With her parents’ support, she has participated in several anthologies and was recently awarded as the “poet of the year” for her self-composed poem in the “lap of nature”. 

Email: palakchauhan816@gmail.com

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