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AWAKEN TO THE LIGHT of the Mother Spirit and the feminine

The feminine asserts its role in the world

Many have a deep spiritual reverence for Nature and its relationship with the feminine. This is a recognition of the feminine in the miracle of life. This miracle had been celebrated for thousands of years as evidenced in many ancient cultures and pagan beliefs. This miracle has also been celebrated through many ancient myths and legends including the worship of gods. It has also been celebrated through the worship of the sun that some believed was the real source of life. Many ancient temples and sacred sites were also constructed to celebrate the natural world and were places of ritual that acknowledged the natural cycles – including the equinox, solstice and precession and other phenomena. So that many of these belief systems acknowledged an alignment between the earth and sky, although they did not have modern astronomy. There was a veneration of the earth’s mother – the goddess – through the celebration of the harvest and fertility, sometimes through the practice of corn dollies for example.

There are many examples of goddess worship, from matriarchal civilizations and temples of initiation to the phenomenon of corn dollies. However, the prominence of the feminine has been challenged by the masculine, and there has subsequently been a fundamental shift towards a much more patriarchal society. So that the love-nurture aspect of the feminine has been confronted by the mind-assertiveness of the masculine, and a struggle has ensued at every level of society including the relationships of people. However, if it can be believed, this struggle has always been with us and began with Adam and Eve. It has also characterized the historical catastrophe of Atlantis and now it feeds the war-like confrontations of the world and presumably other worlds as well. This is a struggle that pollutes the world.

The feminine has a solution for the world

However, shall we repeat the mistakes of the past, because we do not always realize the loving feminine of our natural selves? Many prophets and spiritual have alluded to this truth: that love is the way – but this depends on an appreciation of the feminine. We clearly need to restore our relationship with Nature and the wellbeing of the world. But none of this is a negation of the masculine upon which the feminine depends. Each needs the other. This is the co-dependency that seeks to heal the world and paradise. This is the potential of paradise that exists in our relationships and extends to the world. It’s also important to note, that shades and subtleties of gender have a role and contribute towards this whole.

The feminine comes from the divinity of Spirit

But where does the feminine originate? At first, this may seem to be a silly question; does it not already exist in us anyway? However, the feminine, like the masculine and all shades of gender, are part of universal truth that emanates from the Source. So that the world is flooded with the emanations of Source which is the light. However, the Mother is a divine person of the Source and her major contribution is the divine light of the feminine that nurtures the miracle of Nature. Mother also appears in the world as the earth goddess, virgin mother, the Madonna, and many other beings.  Mother spreads her message of peace, love and hope.

But Mother is also Spirit, and the energy that radiates through her is known as the light. This is the divine light of the Spirit. This is the breath of life – the holy spirit – that breathes life into the creations of the Mother. In fact, the Mother or Spirit has a story that refers to the struggle she endures in the propagation of the light. For the light, including all the energies of creation, are initiated as they evolve. Even the divine is not immune from the challenges that flow from its responsibility. Then the divine comes to the world in order to complete the test. Now, these energies have arrived through Man and we are part of this journey and the struggle of the world.

The Spirit shares her divinity through the light

Now, the divine Mother and Spirit have completed and opened the way to the light, by clearing the way to paradise and the Tree of Life. So that the Tree is the paradise of Nature whose eternity has been revealed to us through the light. In other words, Spirit has cleared the way for Man to share in the promise of eternal life in paradise which is the light of salvation. For the Spirit and her consort were Adam and Eve and their mission was the paradise of light. But their mission was a journey that took them through the darkness into the light through the triumph of their love. This is a story of love and light that they wish to share with us.

An introduction to this story is illustrated through the spirit art illustrations in this book. This book provides a method of attuning to these pictures for an insight into this story. This is a process of meditation and listening to spiritual music. In other words, art and music have been combined in a spiritually novel way to achieve a revelation of the light and Spirit. However, it’s not necessary to understand this story in any detail to benefit from this book. It may be sufficient to believe in the Spirit in the knowledge that she must exist because she has a story. So that this book is an awakening to the light of Spirit through a glimpse of this story. This is a handbook for the spiritual path, for someone on a path to enlightenment.

The profound impact of this light on humanity

But how do we know from our lives that the light exists? How do we know that this is the light of Spirit? How do we also know that this is the Spirit of Mother? There are many such questions on a journey into the light. Although a lot of spiritual knowledge has been revealed through the prophets and messengers of the world, we can also benefit from a personal revelation of truth.

However, the highest revelation is to recognize the divinity within ourselves and in others as well including the divinity of the world. Because the divinity of Spirit is within every person and our souls were birthed by the Spirit before we entered the world. So that we would have the gifts of Spirit that would be activated as we evolve spiritually. However, the greatest of these gifts is the promise of eternal life through a return to the light and Spirit.

We also have the gift of creating life in others, particularly through the birth of our children and families. This gift is divine, so that the divinity of Spirit is within us. It’s also interesting to observe how we can communicate through the gifts of Spirit. Although this is described as speaking in tongues, it manifests through regular language as well. This is what distinguishes us from the animals that do not communicate in this way. With some notable exceptions, they do not understand our particular form of communication and we do not understand theirs.

In fact, everything in Nature is able to communicate and this includes the telepathic understanding between the creatures of the world. So that the divinity of Spirit has enriched the natural world through the light. But the miracle of Nature, which is the light, is prevalent throughout the universe. So that the universe is alive, and the potential for life is everywhere, although this may not mirror the particular forms of life in our present world. Although life may depend on the presence of liquid water known as the ‘river of life’.

This book is part of the mission of Spirit

So, how may we have a revelation of this reality? This book is an excellent place to start, while acknowledging the existence of many other sources of spiritual inspiration in the world. The approach in this book can be summarized as follows:  

“This book provides a pathway to the light which is unique and special. The light is the invisible and supernatural energy of Spirit. The Spirit is an angel or deity that came from the Godhead with the light. So that we could reach the light as we develop spiritually and many would reach enlightenment. However, the primary focus of this book is the divine feminine of Spirit also known as the Mother. So, this book is devoted to the Mother and Spirit including the transformation that comes from the sacred feminine. The light is the breath of life and life-force of Creation.

A revelation of Spirit and light may be experienced by attuning to the spirit art pictures in this book. These images have been channeled from the spiritual realm by the visionary known as ‘Jerrold’ and his guardian angel ‘Auriel’. Although this revelation may be revealed by simply viewing the pictures, a recommended approach is to meditate on these images while listening to spiritual music. The goal is to find music that resonates with the pictures and unlocks the revelation. This book explains this method and provides a music playlist that kick-starts this process. (However, any meditation which is used to unlock this revelation should follow a recognized discipline, and this may be dictated by faith and belief.)

However, please don’t worry if this revelation isn’t revealed or obvious using this method. Whatever the outcome, it may still be possible to gain some spiritual insight from these images through patience and perseverance. People have different experiences and this is perfectly normal. There are many ways to the light and this book is one. Whatever happens in practice, this book can still be enjoyed for the beauty of its art. It can also be used as a handbook on a spiritual path.”

The book also explains how access to the light can be achieved through an awakening within heart and soul. This is part of the process of spiritual enlightenment:

“(In other words, art and music can be combined to open a doorway to the light. This is a space within the heart and soul that receives the love of Spirit which is the basis of light. This door can be likened to a sun-gate because the light of Spirit comes from the sun. But this is a higher sun which is the home of Spirit. So that comfort comes from the love of Spirit that feels like the light of the sun. Spirit is also the advocate, because the light of Spirit is an agent of Creative Will.)”

This description refers to the sun. However, it’s not widely recognized that the home of Spirit is a higher sun which is one of the stars of heaven. This is also known as the Great Central Sun which is the Creator of Light and the Source of Creative Will. However, the esoteric nature of this reality is avoided in this article. It is sufficient to know that the higher self of Mother and her Spirit resides in the sun.  This is the ultimate source of light.

This book has been channeled from Spirit

This book has been channeled from Spirit and supports her mission by sharing her story. (Channeling is a process of communication from angels, ascended masters and other spiritual beings – which may be expressed in many ways: voice, writing, art, music, etc.) In fact, this book has been channeled by the visionary known as ‘Jerrold’ with his guardian angel ‘Auriel’ in their work for Spirit. Jerrold is a recognized spirit artist who put a number of his pictures in the book to summarize the story of Spirit.  A background to Jerrold’s development, including his relationship with Auriel, has also been summarized in the book as follows:

“Jerrold was called by Spirit in the 1990s when he entered into a relationship with his soulmate Auriel. Jerrold was also influenced by the New Age renaissance of that time. However, a major spiritual center in London had already predicted a dramatic shift in his life. When his life would be turned upside down by all these developments.

Auriel encouraged Jerrold to experiment with his art, when he discovered a talent for channeling spiritual pictures. Jerrold was also encouraged by his friend Jack who was a spiritual therapist. Jack was an expert on the pioneering work of the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Yung who researched the symbolic language of the unconscious. Through his work with Jack, Jerrold was able to interpret subliminal messages of the unconscious using his art.

Then Auriel passed into spirit and became a guardian angel. With guidance from Auriel, Jerrold took his art across the UK by exhibiting his gift at major holistic shows and the Mind Body Spirit events in London. When Jerrold used his art for giving readings to his clients.

Through these experiences, it soon became clear that the pictures were ‘windows on truth’ that Jerrold was receiving from Spirit. Then Jerrold would decipher this truth by interpreting the pictures. However, a much deeper truth had been coded in these images. This is a story of Mother and her divine Spirit.”

Art and music are focused on the Spirit

Much of the world-wide creative inspiration for art and music derives from the spiritual realm, although this is not always appreciated. This book provides a summary of these developments including a reference to Mother who is really Spirit.

“Artists throughout the ages have recorded their spiritual visions. Think of great masters like Michelangelo and Da Vinci. Consider William Blake who was ridiculed in his life but is now revered. His visions were truly extraordinary and included Adam and Eve. They had a basis in truth. The Mother is also portrayed through many forms of art. But this is not just the religious and renaissance art of western civilization. Sacred art is everywhere.

Music also has a vital role in this renaissance. Sacred music has evolved through the centuries, from western classical composers to the mystical traditions of India and the East. Music is, in fact, a universal language of feeling and passion. The world is enriched by music.

Art can be combined with music to increase its appeal to the spiritual self. So that the pictures in this book, when combined with music, may trigger a spiritual awakening. This is an awakening to Spirit and her extraordinary story.”

The story of Spirit is a journey into light

This book uses a selection of spirit art pictures (or divine art) to summarize the story of Spirit, while music is recommended to provide more focus on these images. In due course, however, it’s intended to publish a full account of this story using a substantial collection of art. So that ‘Awaken to the Light of Spirit’ should be considered an introduction and first step into the light. However, when the substantive version of this story is ready, this will expose the real journey of the soul into the light. This is a journey that began with Adam and Eve and concluded in the triumph of their love. This is a journey of transformation and resurrection in the light.

For more information about the story of the Divine Mother and Spirit, accompanied by spiritual art, a handbook for meditation and devotion, and a suggested initial playlist of spiritual music to enhance the meditation experience, Awaken to the Light of Spirit by Jerrold Donington can be purchased in print or digitally via the publisher (Awaken To The Light Of Spirit – Troubador Book Publishing), Amazon (Awaken To The Light Of Spirit- Amazon) and all good bookshops.

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