Fear - The business model on our planet

Fear – the business model on our planet

There is a furious standstill everywhere. It’s all about wish fulfillment. What about your inner peace?

Recently I was in a discussion group. Actually, the theme was about the emergence or awakening of humanity, but suddenly the concept, of the word fear, appeared at the center. Isn’t it an extraordinary shame that people practice this with themselves and with each other? It is created in individual minds by thought and then used for all sorts of purposes. Think about it. It exists across all states, countries, peoples, tribes, races, colors, and religious communities.
Sin, guilt, punishment, fear, that is the combination of terms that are used. In the course of the conversation, this key term “fear” was addressed and an abyss opened up. This fear is definitely opposed to superior love, as is known to many beings. The fear is relentless, even to her friends.

Let’s take a closer look: As humans, we have become accustomed to this business model. Questioning is forbidden. However, no one is excluded, even if they seem to believe that for themselves and individually. Below are some examples of how the programmed, brainwashed, conditioned model works globally.
We, the children of the Creator, the Almighty: emperors, kings, rulers, the wealthy, even the poorest and beggars, are afraid of lack and loss. This fear, in all its forms, is also fueled by their own actions to achieve an infinite number of goals.

Coercion: Leaders, corporations of all kinds, media of all kinds but also private individuals use the >fear< function to induce people to buy, behave, and act, even murder. Someone would probably hardly think or even realize this on their own initiative. Think about your inner self! Thoughts are always the starting point. What you do outside is a consequence. Ask yourself: Do I really want this?
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Recommendation: make a list of the things you are afraid of. Hundreds of approaches are easy to find. Confronting them will help you a lot. Your changed perspective will increase your awareness.

Sin, guilt, and punishment are used very successfully by all entities. Their effect only depends on your faith. Avoid new beliefs. They are stored and force actions.
Artificial shortage of food, financing, building materials, water, and energy sources is used successfully, among other things, to create fear with the aim of the profit, partly abnormal profit. Incorrect, exploding prices can be observed in many places.

The abundance given by creation is transformed into the opposite by “human” influence. Countless deaths through wars and the influence of war, millions of refugees, and billions suffering from hunger are reduced to statistical sizes. U.N.
Excessiveness is elevated to godhood – bigger, faster, much more, richer, higher, further, etc., etc.

Mother Earth. It’s the only planet we have. We are temporary guests here. Now, what is taking place through the orchestrators and the organizers? Looting, mistreatment, exploitation, damage of countless kinds. Greed cultivates the desire for omnipresent corruption, lies, deception and fraud.
Facts and recommendations from geosciences have been ignored for years. Learn from the writings of National Geographic Magazine!

Know: The planet is a living being. Would it be appropriate to handle this more carefully?

Megalomania, confusion and mental aberration with corresponding miscreations are omnipresent. In this regard, let’s just look at the developments of the past 10 years. Those in power are at work everywhere. The instrument that seems best to them is so-called war, in some places also called “holy” war. How can killing be holy?
Soldiers – these are not people, they can be exposed to death senselessly. That’s exactly what happens. There are many variations of fighting, liquidations, repressions, imprisonments, torture, murder manslaughter, and other evil acts. People play no role for the orchestrators and initiators. Financing doesn’t play a role. Self-expression through self-aggrandizement plays the only role.

Designate a single area in which fear does not play a significant role. Let’s look at consumption, shopping, relationships, children, business activities, cars, houses, friends, state, jurisprudence, travel, leaders, workplace, hierarchies, and many other examples. It’s always about: If – Then or •hopefully… or •I have to avoid… or •I have to limit…or etc.
New dangers have already arrived in our earthly world: watching cell phones, computer games, sophisticated forms of speculation, refined gladiatorial games such as football, soccer, Formula I, modified Olympics, and others. Do you also see the TV films in which almost unimaginable violence is glorified?

Artificial intelligence was only recently added. It is the most important means of preventing the individual from being creative and awakening from the chaotic nightmare. All these energies draw people into the extremely fleeting, ever-changing outside world that one sees with the physical eyes and bind them there. You are a spiritual being, your inner self is important, only! What will happen to the human ability to think for ourselves?
It’s hard to believe, but all of us, who are called people, are part of this system and endure it, and support it. Mostly unconsciously because we allowed ourselves to be conditioned that way. An Aatar who lived in India remarked: The previous speaker was talking about people. What did he mean by that? You are subanimal. None of the many thousands of listeners stood up and protested – everyone was affected or agreed.

The general mandate for us humans is to return to the source from which we came. The prerequisite for this is the willingness to do or refrain from doing anything that cannot serve this goal. It is the task of developing, promoting one’s own abilities, and purifying one’s inner being. This is exactly what the organizers of the current living conditions are actively and deliberately preventing, using all psychological and other means. Man is actively prevented from the awakening process.
People have been hindered, are incapacitated, are “voting cattle,” bargaining chips, and it should stay that way if possible. Personal responsibility – none, not wanted. This is not stated as such, but it is the consequence of all government measures, without exception. Surveillance, control, spying, blackmail, and more are the instruments of dehumanization. This is thought up, formulated, and introduced by the orchestrators. This is by no means a desired state at a higher level. In the past 2000 years or more, humanity has learned nothing, nothing. Mankind has been prevented from learning and actively misled by organizers.

The question now is, how can we escape, and say goodbye to this business model? An effective means of freeing yourself from many things is forgiveness. Think about it. Forgive yourself and the “others” with the aim of making and keeping your personal energy balance as pure as possible. An increase in vibration is desired, even required. Rise above the adversities that surround you every day, they are unreal and very volatile. Change is a cosmic rule.
You are a spiritual being from eternity to eternity. You were created completely and perfectly by the Almighty, All-Knowing, and Omnipresent according to His Thought and Attributes. The Creator is pure, eternal love, therefore sin, guilt, punishment, and fear are unknown to Him. Human beings invented them. This created confusion, miscreation, madness, craziness, and ultimately chaotic living conditions and THAT doesn’t have to be the case! Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharata, and the works of Adi Shankara can be accommodating. All of us on the globe, without exception, are HIS children, would it be desirable to behave and act appropriately?

Be blessed.

A note. The painter Roland Frey has created a work that aims to serve us in our liberation. www.roland-frey.art
Finally, I would like to share a few statements with you. May these be a comfort and a pleasant outlook.

What would you feel and think if all fears, including of death, had no attraction for you? Very easy:
You would remember your FATHER.
– The CREATOR of life,
– the SOURCE of everything that lives,
– the FATHER of the universe and
– the universe of universes and
– of everything that lies even beyond them.
You will remember this.

Only your mind can produce fear.
It does so whenever it is conflicted in what it wants,
producing inevitable strain because wanting and doing are discordant.
This can be corrected only by accepting a unified goal.
There are no vain, idle thoughts.
All thinking produces form at some level.

You are very much in control of your mind,
since the mind is the decision-making mechanism.

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of GOD

Source: A Course in Miracles
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