Your Spiritual Revolution


Your Spiritual Revolution – Free One Day Experiential Workshop – With Amitt Parikh

On Sunday 5 Nov 10:00AM – 5:00PM| By: Amitt Parikh|
Venue: JSK Infotech (Conference Hall), Mumbai Western Suburbsv

The Theory – The Rules of The Game of Life!
To win a game, you must know its rules first!

What is Life / God / Universe?
What is the purpose of life?
Why pain, sorrow, success, failure exist?
What is the secret to attain happiness, success & peace?
Money, Passion & Spirituality – can they all go together?

Get answers to unresolved questions of life to be free from all limiting beliefs and concepts and get wings to fly towards infinity.

The Practice – How to Play The Game of Life!
Master the Art & Science of Successful Integral Life.

Deepening Multi-Dimensional Awareness
Brain Synchro Exercises
Mindfulness & Witness
Experimenting with Extra Sensory Perceptions
Sensing Pranashakty
Seeing and Boosting Your Aura
Integral Mind Power – Logic & Intuition
Powerful Guided Meditations
The Power of The Greatest Mantra

Experience the power of simple yet profound exercises and meditations for your speedy integral evolution!

Very limited seats. Registration on first come first served basis.

This is a FREE workshop with very limited seats. In case you register and are unable to attend, do inform organizer to open your seat so that others can benefit.

Registration is must to attend.
Please bring a notebook and pen.
Food can be ordered at actual cost.
Late entry will not be allowed.
Mobiles must be switched off during workshop.

To know about facilitator Amitt Parikh – The Mysterious One

To sponsor, collaborate or to arrange this workshop in your city, send an email to:

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