How to begin journey of spiritualty

How to begin a journey from a person to a perfect individual?

The main difference between an individual and a person is that a person is identified by the relations he has made with other people or things. The moment we start identifying ourselves with somebody or something our journey of becoming a person from an individual begins, the identification is not one or two but many. As one gets stuck in the complex web of identifications, he loses the sense of individuality and becomes a person. A person is a mess that lacks clarity, as a personality is made up of several traits. It’s never clear and can be broken down and analysed. But beneath the complex layers of personality lies an individual which is crystal clear as it is not identified with any being or thing and thus it cannot be broken down. 

Thus, a baby is born as an individual but later it is primed to be a person. As it grows, the environment around the child enforces it to become a more complex person. Once an individual becomes a person there is no looking back, due to society and the fast life there is no time to even think about the fundamental self beneath ourselves.

In my opinion, 2020 is not a bad year. After all the facts say that this year halted the whole world’s development. But it is also a fact that this year also gave us an opportunity to disconnect with the outside world and connect to ourselves, reboot our whole system, discover our own self and start the things which were not done due to the stressful life. Moreover, break the crutches of being a person and start the journey of becoming an Individual again. 

Now the question arises- “Why is it important to be an individual?”

The answer to this question lies with everyone. We just need to have a stable mind to acknowledge it. Think about your problems, imagine your experiences of your failure, recollect what people around you said when you failed and think how you felt that time. Think about life in the most peaceful way and with positive thinking. It is an experience any person would like to forget. But now think why did you feel bad when they spoke bad things about you or discouraged you? Aren’t you aware of your capabilities? If yes, then why did you experience such feelings?

 This is because you are a person who identifies your success according to the people around you. If you were an individual who is connected to yourself, you would not need anyone else’s opinion, be it good or bad to measure your own success.

How to begin a journey from being a person to a perfect individual - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

It is said in the Bhagavad Gita that “He who keeps his mind stable be it in happiness or in sorrows is called an Ideal man.” and for anyone who wishes to reach this level, it is very much important to become an individual. In order to reach this point, one must start meditation. One can also start by reading holy books and gain knowledge given in them. If, not this then the least one could do is to inculcate discipline and get control over their senses either by fasting or giving up unnecessary materialistic things. 

The path is tough and may seem unrealistic, but remember back in 1950, going to the moon was also seen as tough and unrealistic. But the man with his mind achieved it. Whereas, for this one, we only have to take a peek inside ourselves.

So, let us make this Lockdown a Countdown to our development towards our self and begin our journey from being a person to an individual.


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