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Let us find positives in pandemic

The world at the start of 2020 was pacing quick towards technological advancements and human empowerment. 

While humans hustled to find the cure for cancer and established our mentions on Mars. 

Suddenly humans came across an invisible enemy that attacked us in silence and choked us to death all helpless.

 To take charge of things, the world was put under lockdown. They declared a pandemic and social distancing become the new normal. 

However, while we distanced physically, we were never expected to distance emotionally!

This pandemic has had adverse impacts on a lot of people in a lot of ways. 

While some lost their jobs, some lost someone close. It has been a hard time for most of us in our own ways.

Let us find positives in pandemic - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

However, if only we modulate our perspectives a little, we realize that it has not been simply all negative. 

And I say this mindfully to not root from blissful ignorance and a naive approach to the grave issue but with a solution-focused approach as to how we can make this any better. 

While Researchers and Scientists are struggling to find an antidote to the vaccine and governments and health enforcement trying to sanitize everything possible at a personal level the least, we can do is a mental SANEtize. 

Let the fear of the virus not act more fatal than the fever of the virus. 

While you secure yourself in every possible way, let’s take care that this time,

Let us find positives in pandemic - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

while we are in isolation, can be a very good time to accomplish a lot of things we desired to but never could because of the lack of time. 

While a lot of resources we enjoyed ourselves in our pre-covid life might currently be missing, one thing we can have in abundance is time.

 Time to work on self, time to heal our wounds that have been ignored for the longest time, rework on the relationships long-lost. 

While we physically isolate ourselves, let us stay reconnected and rebuild our lost connections to the ones who matter and to ourselves. 

The point of it all is to let our resilience, agility and hope not lose.

 Now the question arises how?! 

Well, it is a journey we will all encapsulate in our own ways but here is how I choose to see it …

Currently, a major problem that a lot of people are facing is how do we protect ourselves against the virus and honestly here prevention is surely better than cure. More so over is what a lot of people are not talking about is maintaining a healthy lifestyle in isolation as well. While under lockdown, let us engage in activities that will help us stay away from lethargy. 

The whole idea of having lots of coffees and fries and just lying in bed might seem fun if that slides into our routine. It will eventually land us up to grave issues like over-weight issues and the ill-health which will again follow. So, just a good check on a healthy diet and some physical activity in our day, some minor yoga should be good to start with. 

And lastly, our mental immunity has a direct impact on our physical immunity. Realize it is important to not fight the same battle twice. Do not trouble until the trouble troubles you. While in lockdown life might not seem easy and so it is crucial that we take care of ourselves mentally. In case things seem to be blowing out of proportion, professional help can always be rendered. And it is perfectly alright to connect to a counsellor or a coach or any mental health practitioner for a matter of fact. 

Remember someone out there cares for you, wants to help you, is waiting for you right at the threshold of a call… All you must do is open the door and let the help come in.  With positive thinking and mindfulness, almost every battle becomes easy. 

On some days it’s okay to not be okay but what is not okay is to not be okay and pretend to be okay and then expect people to magically realize that you are not okay and are not getting any help. 

If something is wrong all you got to do is, ask for help that is it and you will be surprised to see how help floods in. Secondly what a lot of people are worried about is finances. A whole lot of people have lost their jobs and a lot of businesses becoming absolute the world economies are at a  total loss and on the other hand, the EMIs and the pre-committed bills obviously making their way in the scenario can be a scary one for everyone.

 But what we can look up to is this situation has acted as a  breeding grounds for a lot of new start-ups that are coming up, the new channels of incomes that have been opened out and the mindful spending which can help us manage our expenses well it is a difficult task for sure but it’s possible for one to manage. 

Hoarding goods will lead to inflated prices.  Let us all take only as much as we need and that way everyone can have a fair share. We can cut down a little on our undue expenses and keep a higher allotment for medical and health. Look out on how you can make a side income. Hustle is the call of the minute. Learn a new skill that can upgrade your existing portfolio or help you make an extra earning.  

Invest your money wisely into deals of immediate emergencies and essentials. Keep your money safe and saved for we know not how long this is going to last. So instead of being upset about the economy let us get to work and fix it. Let us engage in a mindset now where we start creating opportunities and enhancing the existing.  In metros, a major chunk of our work life was travelling and exertion that came along. 

With the WFH culture, a lot of that has been cut out on that. Remember there is a silver lining to everything. WFH might become new. Work cultures around the world might change. This change might seem scary to some while blissful to others. But currently what we can do is accept the scenario, do our level best, and see what the future holds for us.

Let us find positives in pandemic - Your Spiritual Revolution Blog

Worry is not taking us anywhere. A worried mind loaded with tensions, fears, etc. will only have an adverse effect on our body and its immunity to fight a lot of other evils like depression and anxiety. Remember to not be hampered by other even more invisible dangers while you protect yourselves from Covid.  

We certainly cannot change the complete situation all by ourselves, but we can certainly change what we do with it.  Have a more optimistic approach, adapt to a solution-focused mindset, and understand no matter how dark this time seems it will pass by, and we will all grow through this. Let us have hope and faith. 

Remember: This too shall pass. This is exactly where we were meant to be. Let this situation teach us, not scare us.


Rushab is a positive psychology life coach, content creator, mental health facilitator and entrepreneur. He is passionate about bringing change and a very active social worker. He also has his YouTube channel.


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