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How to Give Your Home a Complete Energetic Reset

Did you know your home accumulates energy which contributes to how you feel on a daily basis? It might be obvious that our lives are dictated by exchanges – money, words, time emotions, etc, but that fight you keep having with your partner or the anxiety in the kids or family pet – can also be part of an exchange – with the energy of your home.

Why an Energetic Reset?

We all know that moving furniture and spring-cleaning support a physically clean and dust free home, yet humans are also energetic beings and our personal environments affect our inner worlds. If you haven’t moved the furniture or consciously released the arguments within the walls, chances are you are still living within those stagnant energy patterns. An Energetic Reset helps to refresh the energy in the home, like turning the page and intentionally starting a new chapter. They are great to do when you’d like to be in new energy or habits.

How to Perform an Energetic Reset?

Begin where you are. Be honest about the time and energy you have to devote to this. Walk through your home and find the one drawer, area or room that bothers you the most. With energy, size matters less than intent.

Next, gather your supplies.
  • I like to use Dr Bronner’s Castille soap, lemon essential oils, vinegar and other natural cleaning products because they have a higher vibration and less chemicals. Put these in a spray bottle or a bucket (10% soap, 10 drops essential oils, 20% vinegar and the rest warm water). These and your own “elbow grease” are powerful cleaners.
  • Sage, Palo Santo or a smudge spray for after.
  • You will also need an open, curious mind, especially if this is the first time you are attempting to do this. Often, we are so focused on the physical aspects and usually, when I say spiritual, someone thinks I mean religious – but I mean connecting to something higher than myself and channelling more of that unconditional love energy into my space.

With your supplies prepared and your space chosen, it is important to remember that you are doing energy work. For this reason, take a deep breath or three, come to the present moment and consider what you are cleansing from your life – as you clean the space you have chosen. For example, maybe you chose an area that is high traffic and always cluttered no matter how many times you clean it. For your intention – think of areas of your life that are always overbooked, where you overgive, or people in your life who take advantage no matter how much you wish they wouldn’t. In other words, make a metaphorical/energetic connection to the chosen space and some aspect of your life.

Now, lay your hands above your tools and imagine infusing this intention of what you’d like to clean up in your life into your tools. Imagine it now holds the ability to actually cleanse you of this stagnant, non-productive habit or pattern in your life. This is what raises the cleaning above the mundane and into the realm of energy work.

Begin by opening windows in the space for the old energy to have a place to exit. Next, clap your hands as you move around the space to wake up or begin to stir the energy.

Take everything out of the space and place it in another room.

Time to do the work – clean everything. As you clean, think about the space and your intention with love, compassion and if need be – forgiveness. Imagine that each scrub is releasing the layers of the past for better or worse and the energetic charges associated with them. The dust, grime, hair, muck, etc are all metaphors for accumulation in your own life and it is being released. As you move through the space, thank it and your life, for all the experiences and lessons you have moved through.

Be as thorough as possible – depending on the space, get the nooks and crannies, wipe cabinets and counters, windowsills, door handles, floorboards, and mop the floors. 432mHZ music is great to listen to for the high vibe. Or dance music where you can also get a groove on. Drink lots of water and stay connected to what you are doing – inner work, not ‘just cleaning.’

When the physical cleaning is complete, light a sage or palo santo and go over every nook and cranny inviting any lingering stuck energy to disperse. Palo Santo also invites in new energy. Do this in a clockwise motion moving from high to low and say something like, “I release any lingering negativity in this space or any entities that are not here for our best and highest good and I call in laughter, harmony, balance, love, (and whatever other intentions)”. Repeat this over and over as you move through as if you are programming the space because you are.

When done, go to the center of the space. If you cleansed a drawer then place your hands over the center. Seal the work. Do this by recalling your intention, then imagine a bubble of white light encircling the entirety of the house (or apartment). If you’d like protection, add a layer of angels on the outside of the home facing outward protecting you from any negative energy that might be around and another layer of angels on the inside facing toward the home beaming love and wonderful vibes down upon you and yours. Take a deep breath, and say, “And it is so.”

It is now time to bring things back in. Notice how they feel and whether or not they belong in the new space. Trust your intuition. Make piles of donations or throw them away if they don’t make the cut. Finish with sitting in the new space and feeling a new energy. Eat something, drink more water and take a shower.

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