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The Great Adventure I AM: Uncovering the Hidden Teachings of Jesus

For centuries, the teachings of Jesus have been the subject of much interpretation and analysis, often with varying degrees of success. From religious texts to pop culture references, Jesus has become a universal symbol of hope and redemption, a beacon of light for those seeking spiritual guidance. But what if there was more to Jesus’ teachings than what we currently understand? What if there was a hidden layer of wisdom that has been waiting to be uncovered? Enter KJ Stewart and his groundbreaking book, The Great Adventure I AM.

The Great Adventure I AM is a remarkable book that sheds light on the hidden teachings of Jesus. It presents a practical way to access the divine, offering readers a new understanding of Jesus’ teachings that will revolutionize how we view them. The book is a testament to the power of self-inquiry, offering readers a step-by-step guide to exploring their inner selves and connecting with the divine. But what exactly is self-inquiry, and how does it relate to the teachings of Jesus?

At its core, self-inquiry is the process of examining one’s own beliefs, thoughts, and emotions in order to gain a deeper understanding of oneself. It involves looking within, exploring the inner self, and connecting with the divine in a personal and meaningful way. In The Great Adventure I AM, KJ Stewart demonstrates how the practice of self-inquiry can easily be extrapolated from Jesus’ teachings, unlocking a hidden layer of wisdom that has been waiting to be discovered.

Stewart’s discovery of the hidden teachings of Jesus is nothing short of remarkable. By simply adding the words “is” and “it” to Jesus’ “I AM” statements, Stewart was able to uncover a complete teaching for entering the Kingdom of God that has been hidden in plain sight for centuries. “Having practiced self-inquiry for years,” Stewart explains, “It became obvious to me that the teaching was there, but the two words were missing.” Those two words, when added back in, reveal an entire teaching that emphasizes the practice of self-inquiry and the importance of the sense of self in connecting with God. It’s a blueprint for entering the Kingdom within that Jesus referred to.

This discovery challenges the traditional understanding of Christianity as a religion that emphasizes external rituals and beliefs. Instead, it highlights the internal journey of self-discovery and the importance of cultivating an awareness of the inner self to connect with God. The book points readers directly to the source of their own existence and then introduces them to it.

The addition of the words “is” and “it” helps to clarify the distinction between Jesus speaking as Christ and speaking about Christ. This differentiation between the teacher and the teachings is crucial in understanding the emphasis on the sense of self and self-inquiry as a means of connecting with God. The book challenges readers to explore their beliefs and approach their faith in a new way. It encourages readers to explore their inner selves and connect with the divine in a way that’s personal and profound.

Though the book does challenge traditional interpretations of Christianity, it doesn’t change the truth or beauty of who Jesus was or what he did. Rather, it adds a deeper layer of meaning to the teachings, challenging traditional interpretations without altering the core message. The Great Adventure I AM is a journey that has been undertaken by countless seekers throughout history. From the ancient sages of India to the modern-day spiritual teachers of the West, the quest for self-realization has been a central theme in the human search for meaning and purpose.

At the heart of this quest lies the realization that the true nature of our being is not defined by our physical form or our social status, but by a deeper, more fundamental reality. This reality, which is often referred to as the divine, is the source of all existence, the ground of being from which all life emerges.

To connect with this reality, we must first turn our attention inward and engage in the process of self-inquiry. This book uses the words of Jesus to show you how.

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