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How to practice Astral Travel?

How to practice Astral Travel, Telepathy and Dream control?

Material technology, without spiritual knowledge, is leading us to a global catastrophe on Earth. Technology should ASSIST in the spiritual development and not be used (as it is used now) to confine and enslave people within a monetary system and materialistic world, which are both temporary anyway.

The danger does NOT lie in the death of the physical body, as millions believe: the danger exists in the WAY in which one LIVES. There is nothing in the Universe to be afraid of, except our own ignorance and its consequences. We live on Earth to develop our consciousness, awareness and understanding of the specific aspects of laws of Nature and the Universe. What we think we “know” on Earth is just a tiny drop in the Ocean of Knowledge.

This page provides a basic information on Astral Travel and Telepathic Communication to get you started. It is based on my personal experience and research inspired by The Book – Thiaoouba Prophecy. I found most of the literature on the subject quite boring and not informative. People try to “show off” explaining something, which every kid can do (I taught a few kids myself).

As a result of my experiments, I simply practice telepathy and astral travel every day, just for fun. It is also a very effective research tool, enabling you to learn anything you want, providing that you can UNDERSTAND the answer.

Let me explain. Suppose that a 7 year old boy asks “how does the computer work?”. Even if I explained to him EVERYTHING about semiconductors, architecture, operating system, hardware and software, keyboard and hard disk mechanics, mouse and monitor basics, he wouldn’t be able to understand anything from my explanation. His question was simply out of order. He has to learn MANY things first, before he can fully comprehend the answer.

It is exactly like that in Astral and Spiritual world: if you ask a wrong question you won’t understand the answer. Usually the answer will point you to something else you need learning first. Be prepared. It is best to ask simple questions and make simple astral requests.

It seems that there are several key issues which significantly influence practicing of #telepathy and #astraltravel:

  1. Restoring perfect health (important condition, freeing resources of the mind/consciousness from attending emergencies arising in your physical body etc..) This is best achieved by full physical detoxification and mind/thought control (see 2,5,6 below)
  2. Pure intentions – not harming anyone and anything, unconditional ACCEPTANCE of everyone else, full forgiveness for other people’s mistakes. Note that people make mistakes and hurt others simply because their awareness and understanding are limited . Ask yourself: “Can you blame a baby that he/she hasn’t yet learnt to walk?” and consider those who choose to hurt you like babies. This frees enormous resources from the mind which are otherwise blocked with clutter.
  3. #Vegan diet (important condition, that seems to free resources of the mind/consciousness from unnecessary metabolism etc..)
  4. Eating little, drinking PURE water, NO dinners. Since most of the astral travel happens at night we need every resource from our mind. Metabolising food seems to take a lot of conscious resources from the mind. Please pay attention to how tired you typically feel after a BIG dinner and/or overeating. This is your consciousness communicating to you that you messed up enough and it is the time for you to sleep/rest, so that metabolising the overload can begin WITHOUT you disturbing it.
  5. #Meditation (I practice @2 hours a day for several years now) . Make sure that you choose a good teacher for it.
  6. Learning to concentrate using good #concentration exercises . Expanded collection is in the free e-book The Freedom of Choice
  7. Concentration DURING and immediately following meditation. Altering periods of meditation with periods of concentration. More details
  8. Learning to concentrate DURING #dreams – aiming to achieve a FULL dream control. This is a VERY effective step, but hard to achieve without systematic practicing of 1) to 7).
  9. Matching surrounding colors with colors of your aura – seems to stimulate your senses and abilities, seems to give your mind greater control over your body. If you think that colors in your life are unimportant, imagine eliminating color from your life. Imagine decorating your bedroom in BLACK, remove all color items, put a black furniture and linen and see how you would feel.

The most effective seems to be meditation and concentration between 3-5 am each morning, followed by a controlled dream when you go back to bed. A 10 minutes of yoga (+breath control) before the above procedure seems also helpful. Self-discipline is the most difficult part.

When you lie down in bed after meditation, CONCENTRATE with your eyes closed on the center of your screen. Simply speaking, you should try to slow down the process of getting asleep again. When the dream comes, you are already awake and you can consciously try to control what happens. You can fly, change places etc.. Your OWN thought is your “genie”, so if you are afraid, you create a nightmare immediately. Be aware, that any thought related in ANY way to your physical body (such as a desire to speak, move hands or any part of the body, look at your body, fear that you may hurt your body etc..) is likely to bring you back to your physical body IMMEDIATELY.

Be prepared that what you think you “know” may be a BIG hindrance in astral travel. Note, that all your “knowledge” comes from the material world on Earth, and is severely distorted and/or limited. It may be a doctrine, paradigm or a habit, rather than the knowledge. For example a feeling of a surprise (when in astral) occurs because you RELATE what you experience in astral to what you EXPECT on the basis of what you have LEARNED in your physical body. Any such thought brings you BACK very quickly.

It is best not to expect anything, and (telepathically) ask questions like “I want to know what is best for me to learn TODAY”. It will be your #HigherSelf (your own higher consciousness) who will choose the best lesson for you. Don’t forget to be grateful. It is YOURSELF you are grateful to.

Note, that posing ambiguous request may result in unpredictable situation. For example, requesting to go 15,000 years back may bring you to the Moon or a middle of a volcano, simply because you have not specified the location precisely. On the other hand, a request to see your mother NOW (even if you don’t know where she is, or is not alive) is very precise and is more likely to be successful.

Discipline of thoughts is essential (a hard bit). It is best to exercise a discipline of thoughts during the day, all the time, so it becomes your natural state of mind.

Don’t be surprised if you cannot remember details of your #astral travel after you come back. It is essential to stand up and write them down immediately after you finished your travel. Again, discipline is needed, because when you are half asleep after your astral travel everything seems so obvious that it seems that you can remember it forever. Furthermore you feel very comfortable and ready to fall asleep. So many times I was disappointed with myself, simply because I was lazy and have not written down details. If you write enough details, you can consciously reconstruct the information later, when you need it.

Remark: don’t be disappointed if you cannot do astral travel everyday. It is not uncommon to have a good session once a a month, even if you attempt it every day. Most likely you are not an ascetic isolated from overwhelming materialistic reality of our so-called “civilization”.

Watching a violent movie, crime or war news, or simply getting upset (for any reason) can have a profound detrimental effect on the initial conditions required for astral travel. Everything in the Universe happens for a reason.

The most important is not only what you do but WHY do you do it. The same applies to thoughts. Think about it. You have to be absolutely honest with yourself. Purify your mind from the garbage. And don’t follow the flock.

How far in the Universe can you go? What is the Limit?

Results of my own exploration are published in “The Freedom of Choice“.

Dr. Tom J. Chalko, Founder of Bioresonant

Born in Poland, Dr Chalko holds a Masters degree in Engineering (since 1975) and a PhD in Laser Holography (since 1979). He has been a resident of Australia since 1982. Founding of Bioresonant® followed more than 20 years of his international engineering and academic career.

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