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Theory of The Presents of Presence explained best by Ann Albers


Whether you choose to call infinite reality the ‘quantum field’ or the ‘mind of God’, you are part of it, one with it, and able to access its treasures in the still, quiet moments where you become conscious, and your mind body soul start responding  and present to the miracle of life as it exists both within and around you.

The entire universe is contained within you. All answers, all solutions, all feelings, and all possibilities exist within you right now. Within your DNA exists the possibility to be any human being on the planet. Within your brain exist the same possible connections that form in the minds of the most brilliant among us and the most humble. Within your heart is the ability to feel any human emotion. Within your spirit is the ability to access infinite possible realities.

Whether you choose to call infinite reality the ‘quantum field’ or the ‘mind of God’, you are part of it, one with it, and able to access its treasures in the still, quiet moments where you become conscious and present to the miracle of life as it exists both within and around you. “Meditation,” the angels say, “is nothing more than becoming present to the presents of presence.”

Traditionally meditation involves quieting the mind, relaxing in a peaceful environment and achieving a state of inner peace by placing your attention on the breath, chanting a mantra, or focusing on something moving yet constant, such as the flame of a candle or a spot in the waters of a moving river. The angels teach that anything that brings you into the present moment can be a form of meditation.

When you are truly present walking your dog, with no thought and nothing other than your attention placed upon the love of the moment, with sheer mindfulness,  you are participating in the form of meditation. If you love to cook, the simple act of chopping vegetables while appreciating their colour, fragrance, and texture can be a meditation. Looking into the eyes of someone you love, with simple presence rather than thought, can be a meditation.

How do we turn our minds off and simply allow ourselves the gift of feeling love in each moment? The angels say that appreciation is one of the secrets to such presence. Can you connect with your heart and search for things to appreciate in each moment? Can you find the love within yourself no matter what is going on around you? Can you find something of beauty around you right now?

The angels once interrupted a litany of thoughts running through my mind while I was stopped at a traffic light. I had many errands to run that day and was irritated at the delay. “You’ve never noticed the rocks in the median,” they told me. “Be present with them.” I knew I was receiving another heavenly lesson, and so I turned to focus on the rocks in the median. I had stopped at this light many times before and never noticed the beautiful river stones that were placed between the two sides of the divided road.

As I placed my attention on the rocks, all of a sudden, my awareness flew through time, and I saw the volcanoes that formed them, the rivers that tumbled them, the men who gathered, delivered, and installed them. All of a sudden, I was no longer worrying about what I had done or not done earlier that day, and I was no longer concentrating on what I had yet to accomplish. In that one moment of presence, I felt a sense of peace and connection with all of life. The traffic light turned green, and I went about my day with gratitude for the simple things that we tend to take for granted. I was in harmony with my spirit and the world around me. The day mirrored this inner tranquillity and flowed very smoothly.

theory of the presents of presence explained best by ann albers - your spiritual revolution blog

So, for those of you who don’t or can’t meditate in a traditional way, try paying very close attention to the things around you. Try to act as if you are viewing them for the very first time. Walk into your house and pretend you are a visitor who has never been there. Really be present. Look at everything in sharp detail. Check-in with your feelings as you do so. What feels right and good to you? What feels out of place? Without thought, allow yourself to move things around, daydream of changes, or simply sit in appreciation of what is already there.

Next time you meet with an old friend, look at them as if you have never seen them before. Scan their face. Gaze deeply into their eyes. Feel your love and appreciation. Likewise, next time you find yourself with a person who bothers you, try looking deeply into their eyes. Try to see past your irritation and see what is truly there. Maybe you will see their fear and insecurity. Maybe you will see their woundedness. Such a willingness to be present with everyone, even the difficult souls, inspires greater love and compassion. Ultimately this creates greater peace in your own heart.

When you are present with life, your ability to tap into your intuition and even ‘common sense’ is amplified. You make clearer decisions when you are not muddying your mental waters with worry about the past or fears of the future. You can even learn to hear the angels or hear the messages behind the words of those whom you interact with here upon this earth.

The “presents of presence” are honesty, integrity, wisdom, appreciation, and positive thinking, the ability to access information when you need it, and ultimately the ability to love all of life. In the present, you can see that everyone is doing the best they can in each moment. In the present, you realize that you are connected with all of life. In the present, you remain clear and able to think straight, tap into your intuition, and tune into the multitude of possibilities available in the next moment. In the present, you are truly able to choose actions in alignment with the deepest truths of your heart.

The presents of the presentation are available to all with just a little practice each moment. When you find your mind wandering to the past, try to notice something beautiful around you right now. When you find yourself drifting into the future, remind yourself that you will make far better choices if you notice where you are now

Give yourself the gift of a lifetime that is indeed a meditation on the love of God, the glory and the wonder of creation, and in the words of dear Elvis, a contemplation on the “Wonder of You.”

© Ann Albers, all rights reserved.

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Extracted from Your Spiritual Revolution Magazine – June 2007 issue

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