Is Inner Wisdom a thing (hint: yes) and how do you tap into it? 4 Powerful Ways!

We are all wise beings with a pool of wisdom sitting within us that we can tap on for anything in life. Call it an intuition, a sixth sense, gut feeling, your Higher Self, or even God. All of us have this innate power, it is not just the more spiritual or “enlightened” amongst us who get to access this well of wisdom.

But you’ve got to be willing to believe in its existence in the first place.

When I first heard of words like “intuition” and “inner wisdom” – it sounded like hogwash to me.

Really? We all are wise beings? Why then do we not know the answers to so many things?

The reasons why many of us find it difficult to hear our wisdom

Many of us still lack clarity about our own beliefs, thoughts and choices. We do not know why we want what we want and this is a consequence of not being in touch with our inner wisdom. Often, we are too busy taking in the opinions of others, allowing their energy fields, their feelings and behaviours to affect our decisions.

For many of us who have been raised in cultures that uphold obedience since we were kids, being good boys and girls who never made trouble for others and listening to authoritative figures, we do not know where others end and where we begin.

If we listened to others less, we will be better able to hear the quiet “nudges” from within that are pointing us to the directions we need to take in life.

So how do we begin to hear this voice from within us?

I will share some techniques that I’ve personally used and that has been incredibly useful in my journey to strengthening my inner wisdom.

  1. Reduce or cut out social media from your life

Social media is great but it is also filled with the ideas, voices and energy of so many others – not to mention unverified information and scams. There is always so much noise when you scroll through that your mind never really feels at peace.

Studies over the years have also shown its adverse effects on our mental health – with people constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling inferior, and being exposed to inappropriate abusive behaviour, like cyberbullying.

In order to take back our power, mental health and self-esteem from social media, it helps to reduce our consumption of it to a reasonable level or consider completely cutting it out of one’s life.

Personally, I only use social media to post content related to my business, have unfollowed many people and avoid going on Instagram’s Explore page.

Not only do I feel less anxious, but my mind is also clearer. Ideas and solutions spring forth with greater ease, something that never happened to me before.

  1. Question the sources of your beliefs

We all carry around a set of beliefs that have been passed down from our family or unconsciously absorbed from the media, our peers and from everyone else.

As children, these beliefs would have served as a structure, a sort of scaffolding to guide us through as we learnt about the world around us. But when we reach adulthood, some of these beliefs may no longer be relevant, and holding onto them may be keeping us back from reaching our full potential.

For example, I grew up in a not-so-wealthy family and had plenty of erroneous beliefs about money which I carried into adulthood (i.e. only certain people can be rich, and rich people are evil).  These beliefs took years to undo as they had been buried so deep in my subconscious that I regarded them as fact.

Our beliefs have to be continuously updated at different stages of our lives, as they could be skewing our perspectives and affecting the choices we make.

  1. Pay attention to your emotions and thoughts

Sometimes our inner wisdom tries to give us hints through emotional reactions, which our busy minds and exhausted bodies may miss.

When I started on my journey of tapping into my intuition, I paid very close attention to how my body would react to different experiences, people and even to food by doing regular check-ins. If I was conversing with someone I just met, I’d ask myself: How was I really feeling around them? I’d be conscious about my meals – does putting this into my body make me feel good?

I do the same when it comes to making a decision between two very fun options. I will visualise myself engaging in either and then check in with my body to see how I feel about both.

By getting into this habit of regular check-ins, you will start to notice how your body is truly feeling about any situation. It also strengthens your intuitive capabilities. Over time, it will become much easier to recognise and access your inner thoughts and feelings.

  1. Start an automatic writing practice

One of the best ways of engaging with your intuition and inner wisdom is to start writing to yourself. Some people call it morning or evening pages, but whichever part of the day you choose to do it, all you will need is just 5 minutes and a journal. I keep a separate notebook for my automatic writing sessions.

Then all you need to do is just sit and write! Write whatever comes to your mind, the key is not to filter yourself and just let the thoughts flow. You may end up with pages of gibberish or you may end up with solutions to problems that have been plaguing you. I’ve gotten many new business ideas through this method, stuff I would never have thought about on my own.

Drawing on our inner wisdom may feel unfamiliar at first, as we are all too used to allowing the ego mind to drive our thoughts. But it is simply a muscle, a habit that one can build up by dedicating a short time each day to some simple but powerful practices.


In order to tap into those deeper buckets of wisdom, our minds need to be clear and at peace. By doing regular check-ins with ourselves and being aware of the external energies we absorb, we will be better able to access our inner pools of wisdom to guide us through life. 

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