Journaling into the Unknown

Journaling into the Unknown

Writing is a spiritual exercise, it speaks to our soul. Opening a conversation to our soul or to our higher self, sometimes referred to as Spirit, can bring about small miracles in our lives.

Free writing, especially when done in the morning time can be very beneficial to our overall health and wellbeing. Morning time has a very low thought residue build-up, therefore a wonderful time to put pen to paper or fingertips to the laptop. There are less distractions standing between us and our subconscious mind. We can tune in quicker and free up our real feelings, which are often kept secret or hidden. Writing down the thoughts that we don’t dare articulate to anyone else can offer us healing and reconciliation with things like our past.

What Lies Beneath?

We are suffering beings. Suffering has led us into this human form and to unlock trauma which has either been pushed inwards or suppressed, it must come to the surface, one way or another. It is not easy confronting the things that cause us trouble or pain.

Writing for wellbeing expert Kate McBarron knows the healing properties that writing for wellbeing brings. Journaling is a constant source of support to her and one she would not be without.

‘Through journal writing, we can dive deep into ourselves. We can reach areas which are often inaccessible during the course of daily life. I’ve lost count of the number of times that my own writing has surprised me by revealing an insight that was hovering somewhere beyond my conscious mind. An unexpected word, phrase or metaphor can open up a whole new perspective. It’s truly amazing what can flow onto the page if we allow it.’

With so many people sick, exhausted and burned out it’s no surprise writing for wellbeing is getting massive attention. It is a beneficial tool in our wellbeing kit which can be accessed anytime anywhere. WriteWell, the first online writing for wellbeing community offers people a safe and comfortable space to take short courses specifically designed to Create Calm, Build Better Habits or Find Purpose. All courses are expert designed and the writing prompts offer subscribers a daily dose of wellbeing, for a small monthly fee. WriteWell also offers a free digital journal to anyone who has a desire to write and a curiosity to explore the world of creativity. Anyone can use it and it requires no log in. It is filled with useful prompts and freewriting sentence starters.

Journaling as a spiritual companion

Multi-award-winning musician George Ezra told an audience during his current European tour about how when browsing through his old journal, ’a memory popped out at him’. It brought him back to a time in his life when he stumbled upon a street party where the people there were dancing and singing and looking joyful. It was to celebrate the deaths of 3 people in their village. He told a packed stadium that the words he wrote in his journal were – Green Green Grass, Blue Blue Sky, and Going to throw a party on the day that I die. So was born his massive hit single, Green Green Grass.

What better way to touch base with your own immortality than to produce a most joyous song born from a funeral celebration? It goes to show the power of journaling and how it touches and sparks memories that otherwise would be lost. The page itself represents a portal to our highest form, all encompassing Spirit.

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