Master your MIND_ Realise your true potential in this life itself

Master your MIND: Realise your true potential in this life itself

Today’s constant bombardment of stimuli compels our attention to externalities, and pulls our attention outside of ourselves, causing us to forget that the most important, most fulfilling, and longest-lasting relationship; the relationship most worth exploring, is the relationship with ourselves.

We don’t take the time, we don’t have the time, to simply be with ourselves and uncritically, objectively, compassionately observe what is going on within, and so we are unaware that we are experiencing life through a framework of stubborn prejudices, past traumas, fears and limiting beliefs. The ultimate and tragic result: we don’t know what we are. We forget that a profound and purposeful existence is not only possible but is the birthright of all human beings.
Empowered with Mohanji
All through the world, in this most difficult and confusing of times, there is an urgent need, a hunger; the call of soul perhaps, to not to escape, but to dive into ourselves, and seek out something more permanent and nourishing; to rise above these limiting beliefs and all the deeply ingrained patterns which bind us and distort our perception of ourselves and the world.

Globally active humanitarian Mohanji exemplifies and expresses unshakable peace and freedom from all bindings, which naturally expresses itself as compassion and kindness, has recognized this urgent need and created the “Empowered with Mohanji” a signature program, which is a course of online programs created with the aim of “Transcending the Mind and Creating Masters”.

Throughout the series of talks, Mohanji offers unique perspectives and practices to support your personal growth and inner transformation. It consists of 4 online programs (Empowered 1.0 to Empowered 4.0) led by experienced trainers empowered by Mohanji, which step by step, in a systematic manner, guide us into a better understanding of ourselves, providing practical techniques and profound insights to help us realize our limitless potential. The series culminates in Empowered 5.0, which is a 10-day, in-person, intensive program with Mohanji.
It is a journey which is designed by Mohanji to be universal; transcending religious, national, and social boundaries, to guide people of all ages back to their original Self; return to what we truly are. We all have the potential to nullify wrong identifications and re-establish ourselves in that sacred Truth, unaffected by emotions, attachments, and disappointments, with a clear awareness that each experience is simply a chapter of the divine play.

The Empowered Program offers a very rare opportunity to experience the depths of silence in the presence of a spiritual master. Creating a space in which to explore, contemplate and TRANSFORM
Potential benefits of the program include *Unlocking Your True Potential: The Empowered Program offers a myriad of benefits that span different aspects of life. *Enhanced Focus: Learn to identify and overcome distractions, allowing you to stay laser-focused on your life goals. *Embracing Life’s Flow: Cultivate acceptance and ease, enabling you to navigate life situations with grace and resilience. *Breaking Limiting Patterns: Gain insights into self-growth inhibitors and acquire effective tools to break free from limiting patterns, unlocking your true potential. *Embracing the Present Moment: Master techniques to anchor yourself in the present, experiencing greater clarity, mindfulness, and fulfillment. *Inner Peace and Silence: Establish a sanctuary of inner calmness amidst the chaos of the external world, fostering serenity and self-discovery. *Transforming Challenges: Learn to harness adversity as opportunities for personal and spiritual growth, empowering you to transcend past traumas and embrace new possibilities. *Clearing Doubts and Blocks: Engage in a special Q&A session with Mohanji to address your doubts and mental obstacles, propelling you forward on your journey.

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