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Understand Oneness with the Universe through Meditation

‘What is Spirituality?’ Not many of us have escaped this question in the roller coaster of life! This piece of write-up that you’re scrolling through is set to journey you through the process of attaining enlightenment and spiritual state and explain the role of Meditation in the same.

Spirituality is too abstract to be explained. Oftentimes, we have perhaps wondered what Spirituality is all about, and how to practice it. Spirituality is something that we individually ‘practice’ at complete peace of all the senses. On the other hand, Meditation which is often correlated with spirituality is also done as a practice with deepest mindfulness. Simply put, Meditation is a practice of developing keen attention and awareness of oneself that eventually takes you to an intelligible emotional state – let’s talk about it in detail a little later.

The concept of spirituality is also misconceived as a religious process! Nope, both are different, but they connect in a thin line. (You will learn that too, later!) A person need not necessarily be religious in order to be spiritual. Spirituality is more of an ‘inside’ thing to an individual that deals mainly with the emotions, thoughts and perspectives that one has. It is the self-understanding about oneself, and their connection to the external world. It is about comprehending with the purpose of life and attaining mental clarity and peace through life experiences, and positive thinking. It preaches you as to how ‘best’ you can live, and what good you could do in life – to yourself, and others around you.

Meditation - an independent pathway to enlightenment

Next phase is called enlightenment. Is that really viable in a common man’s life? The answer is a certain ‘yes’. Every individual born on mother earth can attain enlightenment, but this needs perseverance and persistence!

The pathway to ultimate enlightenment is meditation. As we start meditating and experiencing mindfulness through the same, our brain tends to practice itself to deeply focus on ‘one’ particular object, thought or activity. This eventually infuses strong mental clarity. A clear mind with transparent thinking naturally becomes nonchalant and makes itself qualified to experience its deepest senses which we call true ‘enlightenment’.

Comparing a common man with a person who practised meditating, a common man would correspond to situations based on his primitive layers of thinking. On the other hand, a person who is used to meditating would respond based on his intense thoughts and emotions in a much-balanced state of mind. He will further be more prone to stay neutral and balanced throughout his life.

That said, acute Meditation practices eventually alleviate prevailing problems – both internally and externally. It relieves you of unwelcome desires and unwanted attachments. This act of introversion helps keep the mind alert and nourish the mind and body alike to deeply tether it to the Universe.

Even experts boast the same – references attached at the tail of this document shall give you more factual evidence to prove my words right.

The Quest for Inner Peace

Isn’t that really intriguing to learn about meditation practices and spirituality altogether? Yes, indeed, but when can you start meditating and march in the route of spirituality? As humans born on earth, we grow stage by stage. In the beginning, stage comprising infanthood to toddlerhood, there is immense distraction without a doubt. Followingly, during schooling, we get engaged with academics and peers. Later on, during adulthood, we are carried over by our responsibilities and get driven by job search, marriage, and the like. It is at this juncture that our mind seeks for peace.

Unanimously, around the years 30 to 40, we realize that we are heading nowhere in life and that we are constantly subject to uncertainties and fluctuations of life, our mind experiences the urge for spirituality and starts practices like meditation. In due course, as you seek the calmest ambience to meditate as in the Forest or Caves, you discover your inner peace and eventually experience oneness with the Universe and sense that you are “Everywhere.”

In simple words, Enlightenment is when one finds their own inner peace, and manifestly realizes that they are integrated into the universe purely via positive vibes that are sensed through Meditation.

It is universal history that around the age of 30s, humans tend to go on an exploration for peace of mind via meditation. Say, the world-renowned Buddha’s life experiences hold true, and the same applies to Jesus Christ! Skim through the below tabulation to know examples of those who have experienced enlightenment through meditation in their 30s and early 40s.
Spiritual Gurus Enlightenment
As you now understand, all of these spiritual individuals considered themselves as god-sent messengers or Enlighted through meditation. The closer they get to enlightenment, the stronger they feel the sense of almighty.

Misty born in India claims that each one of us has got God within. He further adds that meditation can facilitate us in experiencing it in-depth. Furthermore, Misty in the Middle East proposes that God is present across the whole universe and that we live under him. Through deep meditation, it is possible for our mind to connect with the universe.

The Practicalities of Meditating

You can work from home, or study from home, but is that truly possible to meditate in the comfort of your living room, and still attain enlightenment? Though it technically cannot be impossible, there are practically too many challenges to handle! We are often distracted by the domestic environment that includes our kids, family members, neighbours and the like. Relieving yourself from these practicalities to indulge in a deep state of focus through meditation is certainly challenging.

Rather, you need a peaceful and calm ambience to focus your mind and body in line! This is exactly why environments like forests or caves are much preferred by yogis and enlightened individuals. There is extreme calmness and peace all around these forests so your pathway to enlightenment becomes more viable.

Furthermore, as you would probably agree, the human mind experiences complete peace and efficacy in cool places when set against a hot, unpleasant atmosphere. It is a science-backed fact that external weather conditions like temperature and humidity substantially influence the brain’s neurochemistry, and consequentially impact its mental ability and performance. Say, one could experience cognitive impairment due to thermal stress. On the other hand, during cold days, the brain functions are much enhanced. Contrarily, with rising temperature, there are increased negativity in thoughts and corresponding psychological distress. This adds to the reason for meditating in caves and forests if you truly desire an enlightened state.
Trio spirituality

The Trio Logic of Spirituality

Spiritual thinking and enlightenment as a process of mingling with the universe to experience oneness is not just a process, but a whole life practice! It involves your thoughts, and practices equally. Let me give you a quick task for you to contemplate and relate to your inner self.
  • Since childhood, our parents brought us up with constant religious thoughts and practices.
  • We also have insights on atheism and its concept that disagrees with the existence of metaphysical beliefs of god. It is in fact true that even those individuals who believe in god might not agree with the existence of its physical form.
  • According to science, there is a superior primordial creator of the universe.
If you could relate to all three, and that you are on the expedition to attain enlightenment, the pathway becomes much easier! Spirituality is evidently an interrelation between atheist and scientific beliefs, and religious practices coupled with deep and calm meditation practices and spiritual thoughts take you toward enlightenment and merge you with the eternal power of the universe.

What does the science have to say?

As above-mentioned, these are not just subjective, but backed by science as well. Here are a few references from experts, who have thrown steep insights into spirituality, human brain functioning, meditation and more.
  • Revered Professor Kees Waaijman defines spirituality as the process of reforming oneself to attain the original shape of a man – the image of an eternal superpower.
  • Kelly Miller, the African-American Author, in his writings, says Spirituality is purely the sense of connection to ‘something’ much beyond the control of our own selves. He proclaims this state of transcendence to be a universal experience.
  • Recognizing one’s own senses and beliefs to understand the existence of a superpower evidently surpassing mankind is Spirituality, denotes Dr Maya Spencer from the Royal College of Psychiatrists. She adds that we, humans belong as a minuscule part of the cosmic, divine nature.
  • Evolutionary Science proves the fact that Brain Waves are deeply connected to Mood, Emotions, High-level Brain Functions and the overall state of consciousness. These, all together create tremendous harmony in the brain waves through meditation. Resultantly, the brain gets encompassed by positive vibrations and wavelengths. Furthermore, as you engage in creative and innovative activities, it puts forth a direct connection between the human brain structure and the fabric of the universe.
The bottom line
Anybody can meditate, regardless of who you are. Meditation does not necessarily demand you to have ‘specific’ religious or spiritual thoughts or beliefs. However, if you already have religious thoughts and scientific beliefs about the practice of meditation, it can be supportive, and help your mind in focusing better on whatever action you do. Ultimately, for you to get the mind connected with the universe and experience oneness with soulful enlightenment, you need spiritual meditation – and that’s the intensity of its power.
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