Why is healing getting tougher in the times of a pandemic?

They say, 2020 should be exempted from our lives and when carefully observed this was actually true. We all have been through such a crazy time that it almost feels unreal. From WFH to getting locked up in a room cum prison for quarantine, we have had it all. But how does it affect our mental health?

I recently read an article saying that mental health is the well-being of your state of mind and the peace you are able to maintain even in a chaotic time like this. When it is disrupted, or lives become a war and we don’t understand the reason behind why such a petty and easy to go with thing is affecting us so much. Some fault is inside us, isn’t it?

Well, it’s perfectly okay to feel that way because research has found that constantly being surrounded by the same people, walls and environment can make you suffocated and the want to go out in the open might intensify. However, as it wasn’t safe and still isn’t to travel, work, social and personal life balance is ruined completely.

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The pandemic, as we all know, resulted in deaths of many due to the virus, unemployment, misery, deaths due to hunger and several such similar causes that led to the mental peace and satisfaction getting vanished from our lives. An analytical and statistical data shows us that the consumption of harmful and injurious products sky rocketed in the lockdown such as alcohol consumption, sales of cigarettes etc. People who were and are still working from home, were overwhelmed due to the continued presence of everyone in the family and were a little intimidated because their privacy and self-time wasn’t existential.

People are struggling with maintaining peace and losing their temper because of frustration, worrying about what might happen in the future or if they could possibly find another job. Thankfully, the existence of social media came to our aid in the times of a pandemic. We could connect with people, help ourselves and help those in need. Moreover, there were workshops and seminars on how to maintain your mental health in these times and which, in my opinion, were the most needed. I have noted some of my points from all of the seminars I attended and here are some of the primary points which were repetitive in most of them:

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1) Getting on that video call: Since we weren’t able to meet our loved ones in person, the only source of connecting to them was through Zoom, google Meet, WhatsApp and various other apps. Essentially, talking to a person we love the most, even on video calls, has shown tremendous growth in the well- being and mental health of a person because it tells our mind that we are safe and secured and most importantly, there is no need to panic or get scared about the future. A person’s assurance can actually help us tackle such problems.

2) Reducing social media consumption: While social media can be very helpful, it can drain us both physically and mentally. So, maintaining a strict time where you consume social media can be useful than scrolling through it every day and wondering why your life feels so pathetic. Talk to family members instead of random, happy and successful people online.

3) Read self-help books: This one has personally helped me. When I felt low on motivation, self-help books would pump me up. One of my favorites is ‘You are a Badass’ by Jennifer Sincero. It’s a really good read and it pushes you and motivates you to become the ‘you’ of your dreams.

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4) Just breathe, believe and relax: This mantra has aided many to survive the worst of their problems. The simple remedy goes like: Just breathe when you feel too stressed. 4-5 deep breaths will surely help you calm down the adrenaline rush in your body and will make you feel better. Believe in yourself. Look at what you’ve achieved till date and be proud of it. Maintaining a gratitude journal is of great help when you just want to believe in the possibility of happiness in your life. And lastly, relax. It isn’t that blown up as you think of it to be. Listen to a calming song and feel good about how you pulled off cooking spaghetti for yourself. Take into account every little detail every day that makes you happy and see the magic happen.

Mental health, when closely verified and observed, is one of the biggest essentials of your life and must be maintained adequately. This article is purely based on facts and researches and holds no copyright or infringement issues.

Data collected and analyzed by Narayani Joshi



Hi. I am Narayani and I am a freelance writer and currently an intern at SPI Publication. I began writing poetry  short stories and articles 3 years ago and have come a long way. After taking part in many anthologies, I started getting into articles. Hoping that this articles has an impact on your life. 


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